What is Jordan Clarkson’s Height, Weight, and Wingspan?

How tall is Jordan Clarkson? His real height is 6’5 (196 cm), his wingspan is 6’10 (208 cm), and weighs 194 pounds (88 kg).

Nearly every player in the NBA is large. Even ones on the smaller end of the spectrum, such as guards or wings, are pretty big. However, while size is commonplace throughout the league, there are a few players who are tall even for their position. Jordan Clarkson is one such player.

To get an idea of why size is important in the NBA, this guide takes a look at the Jazz guard’s dimensions. That will show how much extra size matters, and cover how Clarkson has used his to constantly separate himself from the pack.

A Different Level

No matter how you cut it, Clarkson is a large athlete. He’s always done a good job of producing in the NBA (netting more than 10 ppg his rookie year), and a lot of that success is a direct result of his size. He stands a solid 6’5, which puts him above just about everyone at his position.

Currently, NBA points guards stand an average of 6’2, and shooting guards stand an average of 6’4. Clarkson plays both of those positions, and he’s higher than average in each one. As a point guard, he’s massive. As a shooting guard, he still towers over a lot of the competition.

Height advantage is a big deal in the NBA, especially among points and wings. That’s because, where most centers and forwards have enough size to overcome such discrepancies, guards have a much tougher time facing off against the larger competition.

Clarkson takes full advantage of that. He’s a shifty player who knows how to go above or over smaller opponents. He’s not someone who has a lot of power, but his frame is wide enough where can typically pull up without being bothered.

Lean, Mean, Scoring Machine

Something else to note about Clarkson is that he doesn’t have a ton of weight. Many current point guards, along with being tall, are quite strong. Clarkson doesn’t quite fall into that category. He’s by no means small (194 pounds), but he weighs less than a lot of shorter players.

While that does mean he can get outmuscled from time to time, being slimmer does make him much more effective at quick cuts, slashes, and fast breaks. He has a lot of speed for his frame, and that’s another big reason he’s able to play at such a high level.

Being strong is great. However, it typically makes athletes slower. Clarkson’s weight does have disadvantages, but it comes with plenty of advantages too. He’s a large player who’s still able to move quickly around the defense.

A Complete Frame

Clarkson’s height is a huge asset out on the arc, but what truly puts him far ahead of so many others is his wingspan. The lanky guard’s arms measure 6’10 across. That is absolutely insane for several reasons.

First, his arms are five inches longer than his height. That difference is far and above most other NBA players, who typically have arms that are two or three inches longer than their body. It enables Clarkson to play much bigger than he is, and he’s already pretty large.

A 6’10 wingspan is extremely wide for any player, and that goes double for a point or shooting guard. For reference, that’s the same as James Harden, RJ Barrett, and Zion Williamson. Looking at those players, it shows how gifted he is when it comes to wingspan.

Final Words

Few guards in the NBA have the height or length of Jordan Clarkson. The Jazz guard is an incredibly lanky player who uses his sizable arms and tall frame to elevate his game. He’s not too strong, but he more than makes up for it with his raw skill and other dimensions.

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