Jordan Jumpman Diamond Review

This is my review of Jordan Jumpman Diamond. In my opinion, the Jumpman Diamond is a reliable mid-sized sneaker with a clean look that will appeal to players who need solid support, as well as those on a tighter budget.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Indoor players who need a sneaker with a focus on spring and responsiveness. Players who want a well-made shoe at a reasonable price.
  • Pros: Soft, responsive cushioning. Bouncy sole. Strong traction on clean courts. Durable. Strong construction. Excellent lockdown and containment.
  • Cons: Outsole won’t hold up outdoors. Fit could be better. Some pinching around ankle and collar.
  • Alternatives: Dame 7, Embiid 1, Peak Streetball Master

Why Trust Me

I spent more than two decades playing basketball. My own experience caused me to work with and use a plethora of different shoes, ranging from slim guard-focused models to heavier ones aimed at forwards and centers.

It is that knowledge, combined with a slew of additional reviews, firsthand accounts, and extensive research, that enabled me to properly break down the Jumpman Diamond’s various traits.

Detailed Review

While the Jumpman Diamond doesn’t break any new boundaries, it’s a solid shoe with reliable attributes that many have come to expect from the Jordan brand. The entire base is tough and reliable, while the Zoom Air unit works with the sole to provide plenty of cushion and spring.

If the shoe has drawbacks, they’re centered around fitting and durability issues. Even so, those largely fall by the wayside for players who enjoy everything else the sneaker brings to the table.


For the most part, the Jumpman Diamond is a comfortable sneaker. It not only comes with a cushioned sole that helps in terms of both impact protection and shock absorption, it also has a handy foam midsole as well as a Zoom Air unit built into the forefoot.

Those three features do a great job together, blending perfectly to create a soft, padded feel at every key part of your foot. You’re going to get excellent cushioning in the places where you need it the most, which is particularly useful for big men who need a supportive base.

The only issue that arises in this area is the slight pinching around the ankle and collar. The shoe itself comes with plenty of cushion for all of your comfort needs, but you might see some irritation in those areas if you wear the shoes for extended periods of time.


These shoes have solid performance, mixing quick responsiveness with a good amount of spring and bounce. They aren’t going to blow the competition out of the water, but they offer a lot of agility due to their lightweight feel. You’ll be able to move quickly with them on.

Another aspect that helps the Diamonds’ performance is that they don’t hold you back when you’re running or jumping. That greatly adds to their responsiveness because, rather than being too heavy, they enable you to move around to the absolute best of your abilities.


This shoe also has incredibly reliable, if not sturdy, traction. It’s equipped with a strong multidirectional traction pattern that offers a ton of grip on any surface, including both the blacktop and hardwood. You get plenty of bite, especially when you need to make quick cuts.

Another important aspect here is that the grip holds up on dusty and clean courts. Many shoes on today’s market have unique traction patterns that, while useful, pick up a lot of dust. This gets around those issues wonderfully. You won’t find yourself wiping these down often.

The only true issue with the sole is that it doesn’t have what it takes to be used outside. You’ll get plenty of grip in the driveway, backyard, or street, but the bottoms will start to break down quicker than many might like. If that doesn’t bother you, the base is incredibly solid.


Crafted from lightweight textiles and an all synthetic upper, the Jumpman Diamond is not known for its long-term durability. As with other Jordans, it will give you a few good months (even more if worn casually). However, don’t expect this to stick around for years without wear and tear.

That being said, there are definitely less durable options out there. As mentioned, the sole won’t hold up outside. Even so, the stitching is nice and all of the materials used in the general construction can take hard jumps and runs without ripping or tearing.

Lockdown and Fit

When it comes to lockdown, these shoes do a good job as well. The unique diamond shapes sprinkled throughout the cage give you a lot of security in a way that promotes both support and lateral containment. In that way, the shoes work to prevent you from taking an unfortunate fall.

That’s then backed up by a solid, one-to-one fit. They are true to size, giving you a snug feel overall, and they seem to mold to your foot rather than being too loose.

What I Like

My favorite part of the Jumpman Diamond is its support. The shoe is on the lighter side, but it doesn’t skimp when it comes to creating a solid base. You get lockdown on all sides of your foot, as well as good support in the back of the heel. It’s tight up around the ankle as well.

The traction is impressive too. Not only does the herringbone pattern work as advertised, but I’m extremely impressed that it holds up over time without picking up a ton of dust. That alone helps put it ahead of many other popular models that are out there.

What I Dislike

As comfortable as the Jumpman is, the fit could be better up around the ankle and achilles areas. There’s slight pinching. That’s by no means a bad thing if you only play for a little while here and there, but serious players who are out for hours will experience some discomfort.

I also wish the shoes were better suited for outdoor play. I know that doesn’t matter to players who only ball inside the gym, but it’s always a bummer when you get shoes that you can only use in one place. I would have liked a little more versatility.

The Alternatives

If you want a shoe that offers something similar to the Diamond in a different package, look into the models outlined throughout this section.

1. Dame 7

Those who like the Jumpman but want something a little more guard-focused will enjoy what the Dame 7 (review) brings to the table. This sleek sneaker puts a large emphasis on-court feel, responsiveness, and agility. That trifecta helps boost your general performance.

In addition, it’s a great sneaker due to the excellent impact protection. Not only does the interior padding and springy sole help promote quick movements, but it creates a nice, comfortable cushion for your foot no matter how hard you like to play. 

2. Embiid 1

If you want a solid sneaker with a large focus on protection and lockdown, look no further than the Embiid 1. This shoe, while aimed at big men, is an excellent option for any player who wants to cut down their injury risk or who needs a solid base on the wing or in the post.

The die-cut EVA sockliner is backed up by a TPU wing as well as unique 5/8 ankle support. All three of those features keep your foot in place and work hard to increase lateral containment. The sneaker is also durable

3. Peak Streetball Master

The Streetball Master is a shoe that has all the reliability of the Diamond, but with the toughness needed to be used outside. As you might imagine, this model has a ton of durability. It stands up to the elements well and can take a beating without any long-term wear and tear.

However, it’s more than just a good shell. The shoe has a comfortable interior with a snug fit, special honeycomb traction pattern that doesn’t pick up dust, and a stable base. There are also many color options and combinations available.


Are These Big Shoes?

Weighing in at just over 13 ounces, the Jumpman Diamond is a solid mid-size shoe. It’s solid, but never too large or unwieldy.

Can These Be Worn Outside?

The Diamond’s don’t have the best durability, which makes them tricky to use when playing outdoors. However, the unique style and striking looks mean they can be worn casually.

Final Verdict

If you want a shoe that holds up well, has limited weak points, and won’t break the bank, it’s hard to do better than the Jumpman Diamond. This model doesn’t just give you an extra edge in terms of general performance, it’s comfortable and supportive along the way.

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