What is Jordan Poole’s Height and Wingspan?

How tall is Jordan Pool? Well, the quick answer is: he is 6’4 (193 cm) in height and his wingspan is 6’7 (201 cm).

All professional athletes are big, and nowhere are they bigger than in the NBA. Height goes a long way in the league, especially when it comes to getting points or contesting shots. However, not everyone has to be oversized to make it. There are great players on the shorter side too. 

Jordan Poole is a perfect example of that. The Warriors’ guard is not one of the biggest names in the league, but he’s a key part of their team and a big reason why they won a championship. He also contributed without being too tall.

Small(er), but Mighty

On average, NBA players stand about 6’6. While that means there are a lot of athletes who go far above that mark, there are also quite a few who fall below it. Jordan Poole, along with his teammate Stephen Curry, is one such player.

Poole is 6’4. While that’s certainly quite tall for someone walking around on the street, it puts him into a much smaller category in the NBA. He’s a shooting guard, but at his height and weight (194 pounds) he’s not terribly big compared to others at his position.

Still, he’s managed to thrive in that role. That’s due to two critical factors: the way he plays, and the other dimensions that help compensate for his leaner frame.

Extra Length

Poole may not be the tallest person on the court, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a solid amount of athleticism. He can jump extremely high (35.5 inch vertical) and has a good amount of speed. Beyond that, he gets a lot of use out of his arms.

Though organizations used to completely ignore wingspans in the past, it has come up more and more in recent years. The longer someone is, the more they are able to do. A good reach isn’t just useful for dribbling, it helps with scoring and defense as well.

Poole’s wingspan measures out to 6’7. That means his arms are three inches longer than his height. While there are many players who have even greater discrepancies than that, a full three inch difference is quite impressive and something a lot of teams actively want.

That’s especially true in guards because, the shorter a player is, the more an extended wingspan helps make up for their lack of size. Being able to reach up and block shots or get off a three is invaluable. They help Poole with steals and dribbling too.

Doing More with Less

While NBA big men are getting smaller and quicker over time, guards are actually getting taller. Poole breaks that trend by being a critical player without extra size. Rather than trying to be bigger or attempting to body up other players, he relies on quickness and shooting.

Poole fully embraced the three point era. He’s a solid deep threat who can sling the ball with the best of them. He’s incredibly fast off the dribble, has no issues getting to the rim, and has one of the speediest releases in the entire league.

That combination makes him a full and well rounded outside threat. Even if he loses a few extra inches compared to his defender, his longer arms and inherent speed enable him to get off shots at an impressive rate.

Final Words

Talent will always rule the NBA, but natural athleticism is important too. Poole burst onto the scene due to his scoring ability. Even so, he still relies on his arms and height to drive or play defense. He’s a complete package, and one the Warriors are happy to have around.

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