What is Kevin Durant’s Shoe Size?

NBA players are some of the tallest people on Earth. As such, they tend to have extremely large feet. Not everyone in the league bursts out of their shoes, but most players have sneakers that are much, much bigger than what you see on the average person.

This guide breaks down a series of shoe sizes around the NBA, including Kevin Durant’s (which is size 18 for US & Canada, 20 for UK, and 48 for Europe), in order to give a look at just how big the top athletes can be and show why the NBA has such a large focus on size.

A Large Guard

Kevin Durant is one of the biggest shooting guards to ever play the game. In the NBA where the league average height sits at 6’6, he towers over the competition at 6’10. That gives him a huge edge over others at his position both offensively and defensively.

His length enables him to get in front of driving players without committing a foul. It also enables him to go up for rebounds or take long-range shots that smaller guards would simply have to pass up. It’s also a big reason why he’s so aggressive in the paint.

Though it may not seem like it, big feet are a part of that equation too. They can lead to more injuries due to stress over time, but they’re important for Durant’s game because they allow him to take larger steps, muscle over players, and get down the court more quickly.

Big Game, Bigger Feet

Durant’s extra size is accurately reflected in his feet. The Nets wing rocks size 18 shoes, giving him some of the biggest sneakers in the entire NBA. While some big men wear shoes as large as 20, Durant’s feet are much, much larger than all the other small forwards.

The average NBA shoe size is 14.8. That includes both guards and big men. Even accounting for smaller point guards, it’s easy to see how Durant’s feet dwarf so many similar players.

Size 18 sneakers are important because they allow Durant to play in his unique style. He’s one of the biggest guards of all time. While his height helps him succeed on the court, he also needs to be able to properly control his body on drives or quick shots.

None of his success is possible without the ability to drive in the lane or push the ball up the floor. Having extremely large feet enables him to properly balance while driving and allows him to add multiple dimensions to his already solid game.

Standing Tall

Durant is large for both the league as his position. Even so, his feet are still quite big when compared to similar players. For instance, Lebron, who stands just one inch shorter than Durant, has a shoe size of 15.

Other great players include Stephen Curry at size 13, Kyrie Irving at size 13, Jayson Tatum at 14, Kobe Bryant at 14, and Russell Westbrook at 15. Even big men like Nikola Jokic (16), Joel Embiid (17), and Yao Ming (18) didn’t have feet bigger than Durant’s.

There have been a few players in the league who wore larger sneakers, but it’s uncommon for players to have shoes that big. 

Final Words

Kevin Durant is an extremely large human with extremely large feet. Though he might not have the biggest shoes in the NBA, he definitely is on the upper end of the spectrum. Understanding his shoe size gives reference for just how big he is, and why he’s able to do so well in the NBA.

There will certainly be players who come into the league with a shoe size above 18. However, it is extremely unlikely that those players will play guard or be as crafty as Durant.

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