Top 10 Kyrie Irving Quotes

While pro athletes have always been in the spotlight in one way or another, today’s digital world has made it even easier for them to speak their minds. They always have a platform where they can say what they want, and they often use that to their full advantage.

There are many athletes known for what they say, but few are as opinionated or as outspoken as Kyrie Irving. This guide covers some of his most memorable quotes, looks at why he said them in the first place, and analyzes the meaning behind each one.

Outspoken on Everything

Where some players might hold back their personal views or beliefs from the public eye, Irving is unique in that he never backs down or is afraid to speak his opinion. That’s gotten him into hot water a few times, but it’s also one of the main characteristics that makes him so unique.

1. “One thing that somebody told me is that leadership is a lonely role – some people can do it, and some people can’t.”

Irving has never adopted the role of a true leader, but he’s still a superstar who has been the number one guy on various teams. This quote shows his willingness to play that part.

2. “Work hard, stay focused, and understand that nothing worth achieving comes easy.”

One theme Irving constantly preaches is believing in yourself. He’s someone who had to fight hard to get to where he is today, and that’s reflected in many of the different things he says. 

3. “No alarm clock needed. My passion wakes me up!”

No matter what people say about Irving, there’s no doubt he loves basketball. The game is his life and he works hard each and every season. This quote shows how much it means to him.

4. “Embrace the challenge; never run from it. Don’t ever let anyone’s thoughts or opinions affect your drive to be great”

Irving is a hard working player who believes in self worth. This quote is all about inspiration, and shows the push to always be better regardless of your circumstance.

5. “I wish they’d make a new grease”

Irving has many serious and inspirational phrases, but he’s also incredibly laid back. He’s known for being down to Earth, as shown here. He’s an avid music lover, and is a big fan of classics. This quote reflects that passion.

6. “I’m that great of a shooter”

Irving, while skilled, has been also known to troll fans or the media from time to time. That was certainly the case following a poor shooting game against the Bucks, where he went 7-for-22. However, rather than owning up to it, he simply bragged about his abilities.

7. “Steak doesn’t come from anything natural.”

This quote may seem odd, but it’s simply a reflection of Irving’s view of the world. He’s a stout vegan, and he said the remark after giving up meat. However, as steak is obviously natural, he’s just commenting on how many chemicals get pumped into cows that we don’t know about.

8. “I knew that I didn’t need LeBron, but he needed me”

There’s no doubt that Irving played a key role in the Cavalier’s championship run. However, most people would agree Lebron was the star. Irving, on the other hand, believed he was the true reason they were able to get to the top of the mountain.

9. “The Earth is Flat”

Perhaps the most controversial thing Irving has ever said is his claim that the Earth is flat. However, his reasoning behind the statement isn’t as controversial. Irving is someone who likes to question popular beliefs and always challenge things he’s told.

That’s a fair way to live your life, and it works in most cases. Unfortunately, that did push him a bit far with his take about the world’s shape. He had a few chances to retract his claim, but simply doubled down and said “There’s not one real picture of the Earth.”

10. “I’m going to give input when I need to. When it needs to be said.”

As shown by the above comment, Irving isn’t afraid of being controversial. He’s said many things that have stirred up both media and fans. Even so, this quote shows he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Final Words

Kyrie Irving isn’t just a superstar and NBA champion, he’s an opinionated person who loves to speak his mind. Though not everyone agrees with everything he says, the guard is a character who’s always pushing the envelope and getting people to think outside the box.

He’s a hardworking player who believes athletes can spread their influence beyond the game. He doesn’t just talk to talk. He does it in order to challenge the status quo, give personal lessons, and help give fans further insight into his personal experiences.

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