What is LaMelo Ball’s Height and Wingspan?

How tall is LaMelo Ball? The quick answer is: his height is 6′7 (201 cm) and his wingspan is 6’9 (206 cm).

Being tall is largely one of the requirements for the NBA. All players need to have some amount of skill, but size definitely helps. Big men come with a ton of height and strength. In today’s league there are plenty of tall/long guards too. LaMelo Ball is one such example.

The Hornets star exploded onto the NBA scene. Some of that is due to his great shooting, and some of it is because of his raw athleticism. This guide will study that in further detail by examining his dimensions and looking at how they inform the way he plays the game.

Tall, for A Guard

LaMelo had a ton of hype coming into the NBA, and he largely exceeded expectations. Though he didn’t instantly become a superstar like Kobe or Lebron, he put up solid numbers and has quickly evolved into one of the best performing guards around the league.

A lot of that has to do with what he can do on both offense and defense, but that’s only one part of the equation. The other is his size. LaMelo has always been highly touted, not just because of his brother, but because of his height.

The youngest Ball brother measures a solid 6’7. That doesn’t just put him higher than the average of the entire NBA (6’6), but it also makes him extremely tall compared to other point and shooting guards. Most of the time, he stands tall against his competition.

His height and skill are both indicative of a shifting trend in the NBA, which is that guards tend to be getting taller each and every season. Though most are still down between 6’2 and 6’3, there are a growing number who have risen up beyond that.

Ball is one example because he has a ton of extra height that he knows how to use extremely well. He’s quick, has a great IQ, and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. That then backs up his athletic build.

Reaching Out 

The other reason LaMelo plays so big is his arms. While many NBA organizations largely ignored or overlooked wingspan in the past, the statistic is becoming more and more important in today’s age of advanced stats and in-depth analytics.

LaMelo’s reach shows why. The tall guard’s arms measure 6’9 across. Having two extra inches doesn’t make him an outlier in the same way his height does, but it still gives him an incredible amount of extra real estate to work with.

By being able to extend out that far, he can dribble through the lane more easily, get out and block shots, reach into passing lanes, as well as shoot over defenders. A few inches isn’t always a huge deal, but a guard with 6’9 arms definitely can be.

A Inch (Or Two) Above

Both of the above dimensions show why Ball tends to be on another level. He may not be the best guard, or even the biggest, but he knows how to use his size to both score and defend when needed. He’s not afraid to muscle to the hoop, nor will he shy away from contact.

It is those situations that help push him away from the pack. He’s known for his sharp outside shooting, but getting off those deep threes or being able to find the open man would be a lot harder if he didn’t have a few inches on everyone who tries to defend him.

Final Words

LaMelo is an incredibly talented player, but there’s no doubt he gets a lot of help from his frame. He’s one of the taller guards in the league, and that’s something he takes advantage of each and every night. It’s hard to keep up with so much size and talent in one package.

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