What Size Shoe Does Lebron James Wear?

NBA players are large in every sense of the word. Not only do they tend to be much taller than most of the population, but they are also bigger and heavier too. They have immense dimensions, and that includes their shoe size.

This article looks at the feet of Lebron James and compares them to the rest of the league. That will show, not just how large of a player he is, but also how his size compares to other players around the NBA.

Bigger than the Rest

Lebron has always been a player with a lot of strength. He was a bit lean during his rookie year, but he quickly bulked up to a whopping 250 plus pounds. That weight, mixed with his impressive 6’9 height, shows how much of a monster he is when going into the paint.

He’s a powerful player who’s always used his frame to get to the rim and play stout defense. He isn’t moved easily, which enables him to go through both defenders and offense players alike. It’s not just that he’s tall, it’s that he’s tall, strong, fast, and powerful.

That being said, his feet aren’t quite on the same level as the rest of his frame. They are large, but they aren’t extremely big when looking at everything else.

A Modest Sneaker

James’ shoe size comes in at 15. That’s much bigger than the average American (10.5) but it’s barely larger than the average size in the NBA (14.8). Of course, that takes into account centers with extremely big feet, but it considers shooting and point guards too.

While his feet are much larger than guards like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry, they are smaller than big men like Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid. Still, they are enough to support him. That’s all that matters in the long run.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially because 15 falls right in line for small forward feet size around the league, but it’s odd because Lebron is so big. He made a career out of being a force in the paint, yet his shoes are the same size as Russel Westbrook’s.

Of course, as Lebron’s feet are right around average, it does show that shoe size doesn’t necessarily equate to talent or on-court performances. He’s one of the best players to ever play the game. In that way, his feet not being too big or too small might be an advantage.

The Right Size

Having size 15 shoes means Lebron has enough of a base to push off of when going up for a dunk, block, or shot, but they aren’t so large that it leads to more serious injuries. 

Players with large feet tend to be more prone to ailments than those with smaller ones. That’s because larger feet means a larger surface area for both push offs and landings. That, combined with the repeated impacts in the NBA, can lead to trouble down the line.

Such problems only get compounded for bigger players. Lebron is such a force that having feet that are too small would not let him move, but having one’s that are too big would make him more injury prone. In that way, it seems that 15 is just perfect for how he plays.

Final Words

Lebron is not a player with gigantic feet, but that’s not something that’s held him back or been a detriment to his career. He’s one of the best ever. That shows that shoe size, while important when compared to other dimensions, is not as important as many think.

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