5 Lightest Players in the NBA

Basketball, especially at the highest level, is a tough sport. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and raw athleticism. A big part of that is size. Every player in the NBA, from guards to centers, tends to have extra bulk needed to play game after game.

However, that’s not always the case. As the following list shows, there are some lighter players who can make a big splash thanks to their skills, basketball IQ, and sheer determination.

5. Tim Frazier / Kira Lewis Jr. (170)

Clocking in at around 170 pounds, Tim Frazier and Kira Lewis Jr. both kick off my list of the lightest NBA players in the current NBA. These two are both point guards (as expected) who have been able to stay in the league as a result of their hustle and solid defense.

Tim Frazier went to Penn State and currently plays for the Orlando Magic. He’s a bench player more than anything, but still gets twenty minutes a night. Frazier is in a similar boat. He’s a feisty competitor that manages to keep players off the ball.

Despite their smaller stature, these two know how to D-up larger players and deny the ball when the time comes.

4. Bones Hyland (169 Pounds)

Where the above two don’t leave much on the stat sheet, Nah’Shon “Bones” Hyland is a different story. The point guard/shooting guard puts up solid minutes, managing to average 8.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2 assists a game.

Those aren’t the most impressive numbers, but it shows he’s a contributor to one of the best teams (Denver Nuggets) in the NBA. Role players are incredibly important in today’s league, especially with how much resting during the regular season factors into the playoff push.

Hyland is not a large or strong player, but he’s a good outside shooter who effectively spaces the court for stars like Jamal Murray and Jokic to go to work.

3. Kyle Guy / Keifer Sykes (167 Pounds)

Another light pair, Keifer Sykes and Kyle Guy are two reliable NBA role players who weigh just 167 pounds. That might not seem like much less (or much more) than the other players on this list, but when you’re playing with the best of the best, every pound matters.

Sykes is similar to Hyland in that he fills in as a strong role player who can both start or come off the bench as needed. He’s putting up a respectable 12 points, 3.8 assists, and 3.2 rebounds when in the starting lineup.

Guy, in contrast, is on a two-way contract with the Heat. He’s ok when he plays, but still hasn’t quite gotten over the hump. Maybe putting on some weight could help.

2. Xavier Moon / Isaiah Joe / Trae Young (165 Pounds)

Xavier Moon, Isaiah Joe, and Trae Young, all weighing 165 pounds, are the fifth, fourth, and third lightest players in the NBA. Even so, they are all in completely different situations.

Moon is a G league player for the Clippers organization, while Isaiah Joe does a good job as a bench player for the 76ers. Trae Young, of course, is a superstar with a bright future.

That discrepancy reveals how skill, much more than sheer size, plays in being a true NBA starter. Trae Young doesn’t have the size or speed, but he’s shifty, agile, and can shoot lights out. The other two haven’t found a way to compensate for their size yet.


1. Darren Collison / Tyrell Terry  (160 Pounds)

When it comes to weight in the NBA, nobody is lighter than Darren Collison and Tyrell Taylor. Both players weigh a mere 160 pounds, making them some of the lightest people to step on hardwood in some time.

As with the above group, these two are in completely different situations. Taylor is a bench player who rarely ever sees the court. Collison, while on his way out now, has had a decade-long career in the league and played with some of the best college teams ever.

Not bad for someone who many would (and have) call undersized.

Final Words

Weight is important for any sport, but it’s not everything. The above list shows that some players have found a way to make it without being too big or muscular. You can be a thinner player and still get buckets or clamp down on defense.

As with any sport, size certainly helps. However, basketball is a contest where you can find other ways to succeed. That goes double in today’s world, where three shots matter so much more than anything else.

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