Luka Doncic’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

For NBA players, tattoos have great importance. Most players in the league have some sort of ink, and almost everything they have is tied to a certain meaning or moment in their lives. That’s also true for Luka Doncic.

This article breaks down the Mavericks star’s numerous tattoos. In doing so, it looks at why Doncic got the ones he did, and analyzes how they all fit together.

A Man and His Ink

Doncic has a good amount of tattoos, and they all have unique meanings for the young player. While many fans associate him with the different images, he actually didn’t start inking up until he got to the league. He only had a single tattoo in late 2018. From there, he started to expand.

1. Eagle

Luka’s left forearm has a large, majestic eagle on it. This tattoo is one of his most striking, as well as one of his most detailed. Its hyper realistic look is eye-catching and impressive.

He chose to get the eagle due to its symbolism, as well as the appearance. Not only is the image striking, but the bird is a strong symbol for victory, freedom, wisdom, power, and confidence. All traits a high-end NBA athlete should have.

2. Eye of God

Another one of Doncic’s most impressive tattoos is his Eye of God, which some will know as the “All-Seeing Eye”. The symbol is an eye inside a triangle. He got it on the front side of his left forearm where it’s surrounded by several other tattoos.

While this is not one of the most common images you’ll see, Doncic is a known Christian who has a strong belief in God. The Eye hints at his beliefs and shows his connection to faith. It also symbolizes clarity, guidance, and direction.

3. Eurobasket 2017

All of Doncic’s tattoos have some meaning. However, it’s easy to assume that his Eurobasket tattoo is one of the closest to his heart. That’s because the ink, which is on the right side of his body, depicts the Eurobasket symbol with 2017 in roman numerals.

That’s important because it commemorates the year his home team (Slovenia) managed to win the Gold Eurobasket. Though his goal is still to take home an NBA championship, that will always be his first championship.

4. Pirate Symbol

Another one of Doncic’s most detailed tattoos is the portrait he has on the top right side of his back. The picture is a pirate skull with two smaller pirate ships on either side of it

Pirates are not a very common tattoo for NBA players, but Doncic is not your average athlete. He got the image because pirates symbolize freedom. It reflects his love of travel, as well as his proclivity for loyalty, courage, and general wanderlust.

5. Number 7

Most of Doncic’s tattoos are pretty straightforward. They are a single symbol with a singular meaning. That’s not true of his number 7 tattoo, which features the lucky digit alongside palm leaves and a creative moon tattoo.

This design is special to Luka because 7 is his favorite number. Not only is it what he wore when he first burst on the scene with Real Madrid, he also wore 77 for both the Mavericks and the Slovenian National Team. For him, the more 7’s the better.

6. Tiger

As intricate and personal as most of Doncic’s tattoos are, not everything needs to be extremely deep. That’s true of his tiger tattoo, which is perhaps his silliest or most carefree option. It’s a cartoon style feline on the inner side of his left forearm to match his other ink.

Though tigers are a common tattoo due to their connection with pride, freedom, ferocity, and independence. However, for Doncic it’s much more casual than that. He has been quoted saying he got it just because he likes tigers. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

7. Latin Phrase

Switching back to more serious tattoos, Doncic has the Latin Phrase “Non-desistas/Non-exieris” on the inner side of his left wrist. Unlike his other ones, this is a written phrase. It means Never Give Up/Never Surrender.

This is a more straightforward tattoo, as the meaning comes directly from the words themselves. Never giving up and never surrendering are two critical aspects any NBA player should have. It also shows Doncic’s toughness and his ability to fight through just about anything.

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Final Words

Doncic is an exciting player, so it should come as no surprise that he has so many unique tattoos. He will only continue to get more in the future. However, no matter how many he adds to his body, he says he’s still saving space for the ultimate prize: a championship tattoo.

Though he still has some way to go before he wins the whole thing, his talent and ability suggests it won’t be too long before he gets there.

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