Michael Jordan is a very popular retired basketball player. In 1996, he was named one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA. He is the player with the highest points per game in the history of the NBA. After his final retirement in 2003, Michael Jordan’s nickname, Air Jordan, became a brand because of the numerous stylish sneakers that were produced under that name.

Michael Jordan also has a wonderful life outside the basketball court, which might leave you wondering. Does he have a son? Has anybody in his family tried to do what he did in terms of basketball? How many children does he have? Well, in this article we are going to take a deeper look into such matters. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Background Info About Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was born in New York in 1964 and he grew up in North Carolina. After failing to get a position in his high school basketball team as a sophomore, Jordan trained harder and he was recruited the following year. After completing his high school education, Jordan was offered a scholarship by the University of Carolina, and in the first season, he was named rookie of the year.

In those two years that he played for the University of North Carolina, Sports News also acknowledged him as the college player of the year two consecutive times. In 1984, Michael Jordan made it to the NBA as the third pick in the draft, he was picked by the Chicago Bulls. Even in the NBA, Michael Jordan’s competence could be seen. In his first NBA league, he made it to the All-star team and was the league’s rookie of the year.

Michael Jordan was the second player in the NBA after Wilt Chamberlain to score more than 3,000 points in a single league. Apart from his personal growth in the NBA, the team he played for also foresaw some major improvements. John Paxson, Horace Grant, Bill Cart, and Scottie Pippen were some of the players who played alongside Jordan when the Chicago Bulls won the championship in 1991.

The Chicago Bulls won the championships for three consecutive years and Michael Jordan announced his retirement. His father had passed away before he retired in basketball. From 1994-1995, Michael Jordan played baseball because he believed that it was his father’s dream. However, his baseball career did not last for too long because his love for basketball pushed him back to the NBA. He only lasted a couple of months in the baseball minor league, and in March 1995, he returned to the NBA.

Jordan’s basketball career was still smooth until 1999 when he decided to retire for the second time. After retiring, he became a part-owner of the Washington Wizards, which was the team that brought him back to the NBA after his second retirement. In 2003, Michael Jordan Retired completely from basketball.

How Many Sons Does Michael Jordan Have?

Michael Jordan has five children, three with his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, and identical twins with his current wife, Yvette Prieto. Jordan has two sons Jeffry and Marcus.

1. Jeffry Jordan

Jeffry is Michael Jordan’s eldest son, he was born in 1988. During his high school years, he attracted the media’s attention because three of his games were deliberately broadcasted on ESPN. When Jeffry finished his high school education, he was offered a scholarship by Valparaiso and Layola. Plus, he was recruited as a walk-on by Northwestern, Penn State, University of Illinois and Davidson. Jeffry chose to play for the University of Illinois.

As he played basketball, he also focused on academic matters because he majored in psychology. In January 2009, it was announced that Jeffry was going to receive a full scholarship from the University of Illinois. Five months later, Jeffry announced his departure from the basketball team.

Jeffry stated that he wanted to focus more on his life outside basketball. In the 2009-2010 season, Jeffry joined the team again, but his stay was not prolonged because he transferred to the University of Central Florida where he played alongside his brother. Jeffry left UCF’s basketball team in January 2012 because of personal reasons. The following year, he joined Nike’s management training program.

2. Marcus Jordan

Marcus is Jordan’s second son and he was born in 1990. He attended the same high school as his brother Jeffry Jordan. Both led Loyola Academy to the championships and the best season they have ever had in their history. Later on, Marcus transferred to another high school, which was known as Whitney Young Dolphins. He played his junior and senior basketball league while he was in that school. His gameplay was too good to the point where he started to gain some attention.

In Marcus’ high school senior year, he was ranked as the 60th best shooting guard in the whole country. In college, Marcus played for the UCF team. He led the team to numerous victories. When Marcus was a freshman, he was too loyal to his father’s brand to the point where Nike canceled their partnership with UCF. The university was in the final year of a Nike partnership, but Marcus insisted on wearing jordans. Obviously, he was putting his father’s brand out there.

Marcus’ basketball career ended in 2012 when he left the UCF team. In May 23rd, 2016, Marcus opened the Trophy Room, the opening date was set on the twenty-third day of the fifth month because Marcus’ jersey was no. 5, while Jordan’s was 23. Marcus’ sneaker store was inspired by his father’s trophy room. Michael Jordan’s legacy is that trophy room.

In Conclusion

Michael Jordan has two sons and both of them followed in his footsteps by playing basketball when they were in high school and college. However, after college, Michael Jordan’s sons chose different career paths, but Jordan’s basketball legacy gave them a sense of direction. Marcus has a basketball spirit in him because of the sneaker store.

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