What is Mike Conley’s Height and Wingspan?

How tall is Mike Conley? His real height is 6’1 (185cm) and his wingspan is 6’6 (198 cm).

Making it in the NBA is incredibly tough. It takes a massive amount of skill to get to the top level. In addition to that, most professional athletes need to win the genetic lottery as well. Being tall and heavy are incredibly important. However, as Mike Conley shows, they aren’t everything.

The guard has been in the league a long time, and he’s done it without being a genetic freak. The following sections will look at how that’s possible by studying both Conley’s dimensions and the unique way he plays the game.

Not Your Average Point

Conley is one of the more unique NBA athletes because he’s a smaller guard who didn’t just make it to the league, he’s thrived in his role. He’s been a valuable player for almost his entire career. Still, he doesn’t have the build of most top draft picks.

The all-star stands at 6’1. That height wasn’t terribly small for a point guard back when he was drafted in 2007, but it’s quite small for the current NBA. The average one is right above 6’2, with most top athletes standing 6’3 or 6’4. They tend to be a bit stronger now as well.

Though too much weight can slow a guard down, a bit of extra muscle gives them power and allows for tougher finishes around the rim. That’s another area where Conley comes up short.

He only weighs 174 pounds. That’s made him light at every stage in his career. Even so, he’s never allowed his lean frame or shorter height to slow him down. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite.

Longer Than He Seems

Where Conley makes up for his leaner stature is in his arms. The point may not have a ton of height or weight, but his wingspan measures a full 6’6. That five-inch discrepancy between his reach and body length is one of the largest in the entire league.

Those long arms are a big reason Conley has been such an asset in the NBA because they helped him immensely in various situations. A few extra inches makes a gigantic difference on both offense and defense, especially when it comes to shooting, blocking, and rebounding.

By being able to release up higher than his defenders or contest shots that would normally be out of reach, Conley plays bigger than his frame. He’s still small, but his wingspan allows him to make plays that are typically reserved for larger athletes.

A Different View

Conley, despite being one of the smallest point guards in the league, has been in the NBA for fifteen long seasons. He also still manages to be extremely productive as a member of the Jazz.

There are several reasons he’s succeeded as a smaller athlete. Beyond his wingspan and excellent vertical, Conley sees the game well. He has a knack for knowing when to pass and when to shoot. His basketball IQ is also through the roof.

No matter how big or athletic a point guard is, they will struggle if they don’t understand a set offense. There are many subtleties to the game of basketball, and most people miss them. Conley is not one such player. 

The Jazz guard always knows where his teammates will be at all times, has the ability to make the right pass, and understands how to make himself more valuable. His court vision is also incredible, which further increases his ability to lift up his teammates.

Final Words

Conley has never been the best of the best, but he’s had a solid NBA career. That’s because, despite his leaner frame, he’s always found a way to be productive. Conley is an anomaly, but he’s one that shows smaller NBA players can make it if they have other assets.

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