Nike Hyperdunk X Review

This is my review of the Nike Hyperdunk X basketball shoe. In my opinion, the Hyperdunk X is an incredibly well-rounded sneaker that blends a sturdy, comfortable base with a highly responsive sole and tough outer design. 

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon, Dick’s
  • Best for: Performance focused players who want to expand their game. Jumpers and dunkers who land a lot.
  • Pros: Excellent fit and superior lockdown. Air Zoom units for maximum comfort. Solid traction. Ample protection at the ankle and heel.
  • Cons: Not the best for outdoor use. Long-term durability could be better. A half size too small.
  • Alternatives: Lebron Witness V, Kyrie 7, Peak Streetball Master

Why Trust Me

I’ve worn many basketball shoes in my thirty years on this Earth, ranging from early 90’s shoes all the way to more modern models. That scope has given me great insight into what both serious and more casual players need out of their footwear.

Taking that firsthand knowledge and backing it up against other trusted reviews is what enabled me to fully break down the Hyperdunk X throughout the following sections.

Detailed Review of Nike Hyperdunk X

The Nike Hyperdunk X is a well-rounded shoe that puts most of its features into enhancing performance. The shoe doesn’t just provide a strong base or stable platform, it does so while supporting your foot with Air Zoom units and additional padding. 

It has a good sole, reliable traction pattern, as well as a protective design. The durability could be a bit better, as could the grip, but it works as a reliable gym shoe that will keep you moving for a long time. 


There’s no doubt that the Hyperdunk X is a comfortable shoe. The Air Zoom units are the star here, providing both spring and comfort in all of the right areas. The special attention to detail in the heel and forefoot is a nice touch, as it comes with extra impact protection.

Adding to that is the solid fit. These shoes feel great on your feet, adding a lot of support where you need it the most. They might slip around a little bit, but for the most part they’ll keep your foot in place. Less rubbing equals less discomfort.

The only issue with this aspect is that the Zoom Air Units, while useful, feel a bit behind the rest of the market. They definitely give you spring and support, but I’m not sure they live up to other stellar options like the full React cushioning used in previous models.


The Hyperdunk has a strong grip, but it’s not perfect either. The wavy traction does a great job on clean courts, but you’re going to slip from time to time on dusty or outdoor surfaces. That won’t be as big of a deal for forwards, but it’s an issue for both guards and wings.

That being said, the grip does hold up over time. Where some shoes become smooth only after a month or two, the Hyperdunk X will stay sticky for much longer than you would initially expect. That’s great for players who only use them during indoor games.


When it comes to sturdiness, the Hyperdunk X does a solid job. While the shoes don’t have the best materials on the market, the upper is quick thick and generally pretty comfortable. The shoes also have great stitching and will last a reasonable amount of time.

That being said, they definitely aren’t outdoor models. You’re going to see them wear out quite quickly if you try to routinely use them under the sun. They could have also used a bit more leather to shore up the general construction.


The Hyperdunk line has long been known for its enhanced performance, and the tenth model is no exception. The shoe does a great job of enhancing your game through extra cushion, a strong sole, and powerful traction. It’s not incredibly springy, but you won’t feel restricted.

The shoe comes with a good amount of bounce and allows you to move quite freely. I would have preferred a little more on that front, but the shoes still do a good job of helping you move, cut, and stop as you need.

Support and Protection

The shoes are also incredibly supportive. Where many models only offer a bit of extra material on this front, the Hyperdunk X comes through with extra padding as well as a midfoot shank. The tight lacing system does a great job of creating solid lockdown as well.

They also give you support through the large heel counter. That addition is worth mentioning because it prevents slippage alongside the lateral outrigger. All of that comes together to create a well-rounded shoe that works hard to keep you safe as you play. 

What I Like

My favorite part of the Hyperdunk X is the general support. I’m a big fan of shoes that keep your ankles properly protected, and the Hyperdunk X does a great job of using both fit and material to ensure you don’t have any unfortunate falls. The heel counter is especially nice in that regard.

I also enjoy how quick the shoes are to break in. Many modern basketball sneakers are a bit stiff when you get them. Even more reliable brands can take a few warm ups or practices before you can play to your full potential. It’s nice to jump in right away and not worry about discomfort.

What I Dislike

As someone who likes both gym sessions and pickup games at the park, I wish the shoes were better suited for outdoor play. Their durability is firmly in the middle ground, and the traction, while solid, wears down much more quickly when you’re on the blacktop.

The sizing could have also been better. The fit itself is great. However, the shoes do tend to run a bit on the small side and require a half size adjustment. That’s not too annoying, but I wish they were true to size.

The Alternatives

The models in this section are great picks for players who want something that’s similar, but different to the Hyperdunk X. 

1. Lebron Witness V

If you want another powerful high-top option, the Witness V is a great pick. This shoe puts a lot of emphasis on cushion and comfort. Not only does it come with Momentum 2 Zoom Air units, it has a lightweight feel and a breathable design. You’ll never get tired with these on.

Another reason many players enjoy the Witness V is the forefoot lockdown system. These have an incredible amount of rigidity on top of a powerful fit. They are a bit heavier than some may be used to, but the extra support makes them one of the strongest options out there.

2. Kyrie 7

As with the Hyperdunk, the Kyrie 7 is a versatile high-top that furthers all aspects of your game. It comes with a tough rubber sole and 360-degree traction for superior grip, an Air Zoom Turbo unit for extra comfort, as well as a padded collar for better support around your Achilles.

The shoe doesn’t excel in any one area. Rather, it’s solid all-around. You get an open design that actively promotes mobility in addition to a comfortable fit, snug lockdown, and strong build. The design also looks great, which is an added bonus if you care about style.

Read my in-depth Nike Kyrie 7 review to learn more.

3. Peak Streetball Master

Outdoor players who enjoy the Hyperdunk’s style and features but want something a bit sturdier will love the Peak Streetball Master. This is another high-top that, as the name suggests, is all about strength. It utilizes wear-resistant rubber and seamless weaving to stand up outside.

Beyond that, it comes with a honeycomb traction for better grip and is well-balanced for optimal stabilization. You’ll get great performance when using this shoe, no matter where or how often you like to lace up. 


How Much Does the Hyperdunk X Weigh?

It’s a reasonably heavy shoe, clocking in at 2.2 pounds.

Do These Come With Good Ankle Support?

Yes. The Hyperdunk’s high top, padded design gives you extra protection up around your ankle.

Can These Be Worn Casually Outside the Gym?

The Hyperdunk X, while great on the court, has a muted, simplistic look that makes it a good option for wearing around town.

Final Verdict

The Hyperdunk X lives up to its name. It’s a high-performance basketball shoe that has a good amount of bounce to help you sprint and jump to the best of your abilities. It’s comfortable, comes with great lockdown, and looks good too.

It’s by no means a perfect sneaker, however. The fit needs some adjusting and it won’t last long outside. Even so, players who put all of their focus on responsiveness and ability will absolutely love what the Hyperdunk X offers.

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