Nike Kyrie 7 Review

This is my reivew of Nike Kyrie 7. I’ve been wearing this shoe for almost six months and played a lot of pick-up games both indoors and outdoors.

Overall, the Kyrie 7 is an excellent shoe that, while not the most durable item on the market, will provide excellent results for anyone who needs a lot of mobility during play.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Guards, as well as players who need a lot of quick cuts or open mobility.
  • Pros: Strong, grippy sole. 360-degree traction pattern. Extremely responsive base and sturdy sole. Air Zoom Turnbo Unit. Stylish look.
  • Cons: No long term durability. Could be better suited for outdoor use. Grip wears down over time.
  • Alternative: PG 5, Dame 7, Harden Stepback

Why Trust Me

I am a passionate basketball player with over two decades playing the game at various levels. I have also hurt my ankle many times during games and practices. 

That experience taught me the importance of good footwear. I know what goes into a proper basketball shoe, as well as what you need to get an advantage on the court.

I bought Kyrie 7 in a Nike store about six months ago and have been wearing it for a lot of games, both indoor and outdoor courts. I feel confident that I’ve something to say about this signature shoe by Kyrie Irving.

Detailed Review

The Kyrie 7 is a comfortable model that puts high emphasis on both traction and mobility. Where many shoes keep you closed in, it comes with a fully open design that makes it easy to slash and cut. That makes it especially useful for guards and wings who need to make quick moves.

It’s not the sturdiest model you’ll ever use, but any player who spends their practices and games in gyms will enjoy the comfortable sole as well as the sturdy construction. It also looks great, which is a bonus for those who like to wear basketball shoes while walking around town. 


Overall, the Kyrie 7 gets high marks for comfort. That’s mainly due to the Air Zoom units, which do a great job at providing both responsiveness and full impact protection. You’ll feel cushioned when both jumping and landing, and you won’t see any lasting discomfort in long games.

Another big pro of this aspect is the fit. Where some shoes are either too loose or too tight, the Kyrie 7 provides an ample amount of lockdown without ever feeling like you’re being constricted. It definitely holds you in place, but there’s enough wiggle room where you aren’t too tight.


The Kyrie 7 is a gym shoe. That means, while it’s well made, it’s well made for indoor courts. You’re going to get the usual strength that Nike is known for, which means a strong sole, good stitching, and a sturdy heel. However, the sneaker is clearly made for the inside world.

If you’re someone who plays in the street, asphalt, or on the driveway, you might not get the same results as someone who only laces up indoors. That doesn’t mean the Kyrie 7 won’t last when used outdoors, it just means you’ll likely have to replace it quicker than you may like.


Another big aspect of the 7 is its performance. That comes down to two different aspects: responsiveness and mobility. First, the shoes have a great feel that helps further your game by giving you an extra edge when it comes to both running and jumping.

Many top sneakers only excel in one particular area, but the 7 is a more well-rounded model that truly helps you play better. That’s mainly due to how springy the midsole is, providing an ample amount of lift that is then perfectly complemented by the strong base.

The other part of performance is mobility. The Kyrie 7 is largely a shoe for guards due to how well it promotes lateral movement. The entire design is about letting you get low and move without being weighed down. That’s quite impressive for a high-top model.


These shoes sit in the middle ground when it comes to ventilation. The lightweight design is nice at preventing you from overheating, but you can still get stuffy if you’re in them for long periods of time. 

The mesh construction goes a long way here, especially if you’re someone who tends to run hot, but you’re still going to sweat. As long as you know that, you should be pretty happy with more casual wear or pick up games.


The Kyrie 7 is not a shoe that has a large focus on protection, but that doesn’t mean it ignores it entirely. The high top design does a decent job of adding some extra padding and material around the ankle area. The sturdy base also cuts down on impacts from hard falls.

That is especially useful for players who put a lot of emphasis on jumping or dunking in their game. The padded collar is a nice touch too. It’s not the best protection on the market, but the design does provide some support and can help limit any more severe injuries.


The Kyrie 7 comes with amazing grip. The special traction used in the hardy rubber sole allows you to stop on a dime or pull up to shoot in an instant. If you’re someone who cares about being able to easily maneuver for tough shots or tricky layups, the shoes will give you what you need.

However, that’s a largely double-edged sword. As great as the traction is, it’s only great until it’s not around anymore. The Kyrie 7s seem to lose their traction quicker than other premium Nike sneakers. That unfortunately hurts what is otherwise extremely reliable grip.

What I Like

My favorite aspect about the Kyrie 7s is their traction. Being able to grip the court is extremely important for players who want to cut quickly. The strong sole, mixed with the durable construction, perfectly complements the 

I’m also a big fan of their cushion. Where many sneakers come with Air Zoom units, these feel extremely responsive both on and off the court. They have a springy sole that enables you to jump with real power. 

The open design is worth a nod as well, especially as it pertains to guards or wings. I’m a big fan of shoes that actively prevent mobility rather than restricting it, and that’s exactly what the Kyrie 7 manages to do. You won’t notice these when you’re running around the court.

What I Dislike

My biggest gripe with the Kyrie 7 is that it’s not the most durable shoe. You won’t have any major problems when using it in a gym, but if you’re someone who plays outdoors (even just in the driveway) you’ll definitely see some wear and tear. 

Adding onto that, I wish the grip held up better. The strong traction is one of the best parts of the shoe, but it doesn’t have the longevity as other premium basketball sneakers. Any consistent use will cause it to wear down quite quickly, which can be a bummer on dusty courts.

The Alternative

If you like some parts of the Kyrie 7 but want something a bit different, these are great shoes that exist in a similar space.

  • PG 5: Paul George’s signature shoe, like the Kyrie 7, has great grip due to the multi-directional traction. It’s also a sturdy shoe that promotes mobility and comes with a surprising amount of cushion. The lace bands are supportive and give you great lockdown as you play.
  • Dame 7: A great shoe for guards who need to start and stop quickly, the Dame 7 (review) is an incredibly well-balanced shoe. This model is springy and responsive, an excellent combination for people who make quick cuts. The impact protection is also incredibly top-notch.
  • Harden Stepback: The Harden Stepback is a soft shoe that’s extremely comfortable. It gives you the mobility and power needed to cut, but the mesh-synthetic construction is breathable too. The midsole flex and cushioned forefoot are also excellent, creating a complete design that’s fun to use.


Are These Shoes Good for Big Men?

Yes. While the Kyrie 7’s have many features that help guards, power forward and centers can both greatly benefit from them too.

How Durable are these Shoes?

If you’re a gym player, they are plenty durable and will last a long time. However, they won’t hold up as well with extended use outside in the elements.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Kyrie 7 is a solid indoor basketball shoe. It may not have the outdoor durability or longevity that some people are looking for, but if you’re someone who only needs a game-ready pair for more casual leagues or pickup games it’s perfect.

From guards and wings to forwards and centers, every player at every level will love the feeling of the Kyrie 7 on their feet. As long as you take care of them and use them in the right way, they will bring your game to the next level.

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