What is Paolo Banchero’s Height and Wingspan?

How tall is Paolo Banchero? The quick answer is: he is 6’10 (208 cm) in height and his wingspan is 7’0 (213 cm).

The NBA is a tough league. To make it, not only does a player need an incredible amount of talent, but they have to have the size as well. Being tall, while not necessarily a requirement for the league, never hurts. That’s especially true for big men down on the block.

To take a deeper look into the importance of size and length, the following article will analyze Paolo Banchero’s dimensions. Studying his frame, as well as the way he plays the game, will show that, even in a league of threes and sharpshooters, strength still matters.

A Sizable Player

Banchero is a swing power forward who can also get outside on the wing. That’s a powerful combination, especially within the different offensive sets the Magic run. Though many have the talent to play both roles, it’s almost impossible to do without a large frame.

Banchero does a great job of both sitting outside and going hard down low because of his size. He stands 6’10, putting him right in the mix with power forwards across the league, and clocks in at an incredibly powerful 250 pounds. That puts him on the larger end of both dimensions.

His raw strength allows him to play defense and score against other big-bodied athletes, while his height enables him to go up and shoot over much smaller defenders when he’s playing on the outside. He’s also quite quick and has a strong vertical as well.

Reaching for Glory

Banchero is one of the strongest young athletes in the NBA, but that’s not his only asset. His wingspan is critically important too. The shifty forward’s arms stretch out to just over 7 feet in length. That’s not terribly long compared to other big men, but it’s still a huge part of his game.

All organizations want athletes with extended reaches. That’s because longer arms enable players to do much more on both sides of the ball. Basketball is a tight game. Being able to get an extra inch or two when blocking or putting up a shot can make a huge difference.

Banchero is not terribly gifted in the arm category. While some players have wingspans that measure four, five, or even six inches past their height, his are only two. Still, arms that are long make a large impact regardless of where or how someone plays.

Even if his length is not particularly special for his position, it enables Banchero to reach into passing lanes, keep the ball away from defenders, and shoot outside without worrying about being blocked. That’s a great combination for any player.

A Modern Player

As with all big men in today’s NBA, Banchero has needed to adapt. He knows how to use his size and is able to muscle up against defenders when it’s called for, but he’s a strong outside scorer as well. Like so many other modern bigs, he’s a talented shooter too.

The big man can pull up from three when needed, knows how to quickly stop on a dime, and is a talented driver as well. Those are traits that, even in the current smaller league, are not something all forwards have. 

It’s a big reason why he can play different positions, and why his versatility has allowed him to thrive in such a tough and competitive environment.

Final Words 

Banchero is a strong power forward who has carved out a name for himself in today’s NBA. That’s no easy task, especially for bigger men in a league. However, the young player has found a way to be big, fast, and shoot well. That’s why he’s a true star in the making.

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