Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

If you love to play basketball to get in some of your regular exercises and you are planning on joining a gym like Planet Fitness, it would probably be a good idea to know if they have a basketball court.

Whether you like to play in rec leagues, pick up games or just go out on the court to shoot around, a basketball court can be an important part of your workout regiment. Many gyms do have basketball courts which is great, but do Planet Fitness gyms have basketball courts?

Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court? Here’s What I Found Out

The quick answer is no, Planet Fitness gyms DO NOT have basketball courts.

I did some research and also checked out some local Planet Fitness gyms in my area (I live in Centennial Colorado which is just south of Denver). None of them have basketball courts.

While Planet Fitness has really good exercise equipment, great amenities, great membership packages and a variety of classes, they mostly cater to exercise enthusiasts who are interested in traditional fitness routines such as weight lifting, spinning, treadmills, elliptical and exercise classes.

I can’t really say that there are no Planet Fitness gyms that have a basketball court, there may be some that do, but typically they do not have basketball courts located at their facilities.

Although Planet Fitness does not usually have a basketball court, they can be helpful in training if you are a basketball player or any other type of athlete. They have a wide variety of programs that can get you into shape and target specific areas to work on such as jumping ability, arm strength, quickness, etc.

Additional Resources

There are many gyms that do have basketball courts and even some that specialize in basketball. Places like the YMCA and local rec centers almost always have basketball courts.

If you are an exercise enthusiast, basketball can be a great way to burn calories and get into shape. Playing a game of basketball is a great way to be active. Just check out this calories burned calculator. It shows the calories burned for different activities of basketball from shooting around all the way to playing in a game.

As I stated above, most Planet Fitness gyms that I know of do not have a basketball court, but you can check your local Planet Fitness gym if you would like. Take a look at the Planet Fitness web site to find a gym near you.

Final Words

Planet Fitness gyms do not have basketball courts at most of their facilities. It is possible that there may be a few around that do, you will need to check your local Planet Fitness to see for sure.

Even if they do not have a basketball court, they do have quality gyms with nice amenities and classes that may help you to train and get in shape for playing basketball. You may even find some friends there who are interested in playing basketball and maybe you can get into a pickup game at a basketball court nearby.

Do you know of a Planet Fitness that has a basketball court? What are some good gyms that do have basketball courts? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments if you would like.

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