Powerhandz Basketball Gloves Review

This is my review of Powerhandz basketball gloves. While they aren’t for more experienced users, the Powerhandz gloves are tough, well-made items that will help newer players quickly increase their strength, dribbling, and catching abilities.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Newer or mid-level players who need extra help with ball handling. Players who want to improve grip and hand strength.
  • Pros: Comfortable and breathable. Even weight distribution. Durable. Leather construction. Striking look.
  • Cons: Gloves can slip if sweat builds up. Interior weight can shift. Can’t add to the glove resistance. 
  • Alternatives: Ball Hogs Weighted, Hoop Handz Training Gloves, SKLZ Control Basketball

Why Trust Me

I am a high-level basketball player with more than two decades of experience with the game. In my quest to improve, I’ve used a ton of training equipment. Not only that, but my years have taught me how to properly evaluate and break down various basketball training equipment.

I used my own knowledge, extensive additional research, review breakdowns, and extra firsthand accounts to properly cover both the good and the bad of the Powerhandz basketball gloves.

Detailed Review

While they aren’t for more experienced players of the game, the Powerhandz Basketball Gloves do a great job for people who need to vastly improve their dribbling and hand strength. They do an excellent job of providing obstacles, which then makes your game better on multiple fronts.

The gloves have a snug fit that feels almost like a second skin. That goes a long way towards your improvement, allowing you to play without worry. That won’t hold up if you get too sweaty, but the ventilation and comfort help make it so such issues never arise.


Comfort is one area where the Powerhandz undoubtably rise above the competition. Simply put, they are some of the most comfortable basketball gloves. Equipped with a unique four-way stretch nylon back, they have a lot of flexibility and give. 

The models never feel constricting or too tight, which is important when it comes to comfort. In fact, after some use, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing gloves at all. That, combined with the rather lightweight feel, creates an item you can use for long periods of time without issue.


When it comes to performance, you get a lot from the Powerhandz. The gloves do exactly what they’re supposed to, which makes it nearly impossible to dribble, catch, and shoot. There’s a ton of resistance, and it forces you to adapt as you work to get better and more fluid with them on.

The way they actively inhibit your game not only greatly improves your skills when you have them off, it also makes you stronger. They go a long way towards increasing your ball handling skills and, weighing in at one pound, increase your arm strength as well.

That being said, the gloves do have a ceiling. They lack versatility in that you can’t ever adjust the resistance. While not a deal breaker, that does mean you won’t be able to get a ton out of them once you’re completely used to them


These have what it takes to stand the test of time, which is incredibly important. Durability is one vital area of sports gloves, as they are going to go through a lot of use. That’s especially true of basketball gloves that take a pounding every time you bring them out onto the court.

The reason these excel is twofold. First, the stitching is incredibly tough. You won’t experience any early tears or frayed edges. That’s important to increasing longevity. 

Second, the gloves come with a full grain leather palm. Where many models on the current market utilize soft or stretch materials in that area, Powerhandz made sure to give it a ton of reinforcement. That makes it more comfortable, and better protects the gloves from entropy. 


The gloves’ breathability is generally good, but it’s not quite perfect. On the surface, they do a great job. This is another area where the nylon comes in handy, allowing plenty of air flow and ventilation throughout all parts of the glove. That then quickly wicks away moisture.

If you’re prone to sweat or often find yourself running too hot while you play or practice, the gloves will deliver what you need. Unfortunately, if sweat does ever build up, the gloves become extremely slick extremely quickly. That can be quite annoying, especially if you’re in the middle of a drill. That likely won’t happen, but the Powerhandz are not ready if it does.


The gloves score decent marks for fit as well. There are six different sizes, which means every player at every age and hand size will be able to get one that works for them. They also slip on nicely and have a snug, secure fit that acts as a second skin more than anything else.

Fit is an extremely important part of any sports glove. These stay in place for the most part, allowing you to run, catch, dribble, and shoot without losing a step.

What I Like

My favorite part of these gloves is their comfort and feel. They have a soft fit that hugs your skin without ever being too tight. That makes them easy to both put on and use. On top of that, the excellent ventilation and airflow combine to actively get rid of any and all moisture build-up.

The other aspect I appreciate is the durability. Sports gloves take a serious beating, and Powerhandz knows that. The leather palms are incredibly tough, as is the general construction. Both work together beautifully to create a glove that you’ll have for as long as you need them.

What I Dislike

As great as the Powerhandz basketball gloves are, they aren’t perfect. My biggest issue with them is how poorly they function if you get sweaty. As unlikely as that is to happen, the gloves slip off too easily with a bit of extra moisture. I would have liked more on that front.

I wanted the gloves to be a bit more flexible as well. They do what they do well, but there’s no option to add additional resistance or switch up their features. In that way, they lock you in. That hurts progression and only makes them useful for players until they reach a certain point.

The Alternatives

If you want a solid basketball glove with the same high quality as the one from Powerhandz, the models in this section will deliver similar results.

1. Ball Hogs Weighted

If you’re looking for another solid weighted glove, the ones from Ball Hogs share many traits with the Powerhandz. They do a great job of limiting your abilities when you use them, which then forces you to improve all different parts of your dribbling game.

While they don’t quite have the same durability as the Powerhandz, the Ball Hogs Weighted deliver an impressive amount of utility inside a lighter package. That delivers a soft, impressive feel without ever getting too stuffy or uncomfortable.

2. Hoop Handz Training Gloves

The training gloves from Hoop Handz are another great weighted option for people that want to improve their hand and grip strength. Weighing in at three pounds, the gloves are a great way to make your dribbling better. That increased size makes them perfect for shooters as well.

As with the Powerhandz gloves, the Hoop Handz come in a range of sizes. That extra versatility is nice, as is the durable construction. These also have a unique look for people who want something with a bit of extra style.

3. SKLZ Control Basketball

If you want to add some weight to your game without gloves, the SKLZ Control Basketball is a good option. It comes in two different weight classes, lighter and heavier, which gives you a ton of versatility. That alone provides you a lot of control for how you want to improve.

The extra weight being put into a ball also enables you to strengthen your wrists, hands, and fingers all at the same time. It’s especially great if you use it in combination with gloves to get a two-hand attack and add even more resistance.


How Much Do These Gloves Weigh?

The Powerhandz gloves come in at two pounds, providing a ton of resistance during practice.

What Do These Help With?

These gloves do a nice job of improving your shooting, dribbling, rebounding, and speed. 

Final Verdict

If you want a strong anti-grip weighted glove, the Powerhandz option is perfect towards that end. Equipped with solid weight distribution and anti-friction material, the gloves feel great on and do a solid job of improving your hand strength and dribbling skills.

While they aren’t perfect, especially on the sweat and versatility front, they do a lot for players at all different levels. That reliability makes them one of the best ways for people to improve their general game.

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