What is Shai Gilgeous Alexander’s Height and Wingspan?

How tall is Shai Gilgeous Alexander? His real height is 6’6 (198 cm) and his wingspan is 6’11 (211 cm).

Height is a critical part of all sports. Being bigger, taller, or more athletic is almost always going to be a distinct advantage regardless of what or how someone plays. That’s certainly true of NBA athletes, and that includes Shai Gilgeous Alexander.

This article will take a look at the rising star and study his impressive dimensions. That will then reveal why he’s been such a valuable asset since he’s been in the league, how he’s so unique, and the reason teams put such an emphasis on both height and wingspan. 

Big, Fast, and Tall

Gilgeous Alexander has put up solid numbers since he was drafted back in 2018, and they’ve only gotten better with time. Where many players take some years to get used to the size and speed of the NBA, he immediately fit into the system. That’s largely because of his frame.

The talented guard stands 6’6 and weighs in at nearly 200 pounds. While those aspects would be impressive at any position, they go even further with Gilgeous Alexander because he plays a hybrid role of both point and shooting guard.

The larger a guard is, the more they can take advantage of their dimensions to overpower opponents. That’s where Gilgeous Alexander shines. He’s extremely adept at finding ways to go over, past, and through defenders, all of that would not be possible without his sizable frame.

Reach Matters

While Gilgeous Alexander is a talented player who knows how to use his height in order to score and defend, where he truly makes his money in his wingspan. His arms stretch out to an incredible 6’11. That puts him into a unique category as well.

Long arms are a huge advantage on an NBA court. Not only can players more easily shoot over opponents, they can also reach up to grab rebounds, slap away passes, dribble through defenders, and contest much more easily.

That’s why, despite being overlooked in the past, wingspan is being taken more and more seriously around the league. Gilgeous Alexander would no doubt have a lot of value without his reach, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either. Especially due to where he plays.

A Little Length

Gilgeous Alexander’s arms are five inches longer than his frame, putting him into an extremely unique category. Where many big men have such wingspans, it’s much rarer to see on outside players. So rare, in fact, that he’s one of the only ones in the NBA to have it.

For reference, his reach is the same as the likes of Lebron James (7’0) and Thaddeus Young (6’11). Not only that, but the average point guard wingspan sits around 6’6, while the average wingspan for a shooting guard is 6’8. In either case, Gilgeous Alexander comes out ahead.

Most teams want to find players who have arms that are longer than their height. That’s because, they don’t just have all of the inherent advantages listed above, but it enables them to simply do more with the ball. That then opens up the offense and scoring capabilities.

All athletes at all positions, regardless of skill or prestige, tend to have arms that go a few inches beyond their body. Gilgeous Alexander’s five inch difference is something that’s almost unheard of in today’s league.

Final Words

Gilgeous Alexander is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA. His dimensions show why. Not only does he have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, but he’s incredibly athletically gifted as well. He’s not just skilled, he’s the complete package.

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