What is Stephen Curry’s Net Worth?

Everyone knows that top athletes rake in a lot of money, but how much they make often differs from player to player. Not only do contracts matter, but endorsements and off-the-field deals also affect how much one can make. As such, figuring out net worth can be tricky.

Stephen Curry, being one of the biggest players on the planet, is worth $160 million. In this article, we will break down where his wealth comes from, how he managed to amass it, as well as the different ventures that have expanded his worth beyond the game.

What is Curry’s Contract with the Golden State Warriors?

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in modern basketball. That means he’s been on a max contract since his rise to stardom during the early-to-mid 2000’s.

Though the exact amounts of such contracts go up and down, he recently signed a four-year extension worth $215 million.

That means he’s locked up with the Warriors through 2026, should he not choose to stay with them at that point.

In that time, he will earn an average of $54 million per year, with the amounts going slightly up each year moving forward. 

That figure makes him one of the highest paid players in the league, a title he has held for quite some time.

In fact, this is his second $200 million-plus contract he’s signed with the Warriors during his tenure. If he keeps playing at a high level, he could well get another.

How Much Has Stephen Curry Earned from Under Armour?

Shaq once famously said that he earned more money through his Burger King sponsorship than he ever did playing in the NBA. While that might have been a bit of an embellishment, there’s no doubt that endorsements are one of the best ways for athletes to make money.

Curry has had a few partnerships during his incredibly illustrious basketball career, but one of his biggest (and most well known) is his sponsorship with Under Armour.

Though he initially tried to sign with Nike, Curry walked away from the deal. After that, he decided to sign with Under Armour to the tune of $4 million. A lot of money for normal people, but not a lot for an athlete looking to score a big endorsement.

However, his patience paid off in 2015 when, due to his rapid rise to stardom, the shoe giant signed Curry to a deal that locked him in through 2024. While the exact details of that signing are still kept under wraps, it was certainly lucrative for Curry.

Not only did he get money, which he continues to pull in to this day, but he also received equity stake in one of the biggest and most recognizable sports apparel brands on Earth. That’s sure to pay off as the years go on.

How Much Does Stephen Curry Earn from Other Commercial Endorsements?

Without knowing how much Curry makes from Under Armour, it’s impossible to break down the exact amount he gets from his other endorsements. Even so, it is known that he pulls in a whopping $44 million each year from his sponsors.

That figure is made up of his shoe deal, as well as his own signings with Rakuten, Nissan, and TCL. Not only that, but he runs a production company called Unanimous Media, which has a sponsorship with Sony.

All of that shows how much Curry works with brands in order to pull in money from endorsement deals. It’s not a simple process, but it’s all worth it when you realize he makes almost as much from them as he does for his skill on the hardwood.

What is the Value of Stephen Curry’s Home?

As with any celebrity, Curry has owned a few homes (and lived in a few places) during his time in the NBA. Though he started at much more modest properties (if you consider a few million modest), he currently owns a staggering 13,000 square foot mansion valued at $50,0000,0000

He bought the Malibu property, which has a beautiful view of the beach, in 2020. It has many incredible features, ranging from sliding windows to a fossil collection, and shows how much you can buy when you’re one of the biggest stars in the world.

Adding to that, he also has a smaller $3 million mansion in Atherton, which is perfect for when he needs to stay in the Bay Area during home trips.

What is the Value of Stephen Curry’s Car Collection?

Of course, even rich NBA players have their hobbies. Though Curry is by no means a flashy player off the court, he does have a nice car collection. It’s not quite as lavish as other celebrities, but the collection features plenty of expensive SUVs and European cars.

That includes a few high-end Porches, an Infiniti Q50, Tesla Model X 90D, an Escalade, a Range Rover, as well as a Mercedes Benz G55.

If you add up the cost of all those cars, they total a bit more than $500,000. That’s much, much smaller than what some other big names have in their garage, but it’s still a good haul.

What Has Stephen Curry Invested In?

When looking at any athlete, it’s easy to forget that they often have a lot of business ventures at any one given time. Beyond the sponsorships covered above, Curry also makes plenty of investments that have helped to grow his already sizable net worth.

In fact, the superstar owns five businesses: SnapTravel, Tonal, Oxigen, TSM, and Unanimous Media. That gives him hands in entertainment, esports, sports science, home fitness, as well as online travel booking.

Such a wide spread is perfect for someone who likes to make wise business decisions, especially when he has the contracts and endorsements to back it up.  

There’s no way to fully know how much money those investments have made for Curry. It is also impossible to know if they have (or will) pay off. Still, there’s no doubt that all five companies are worth looking at if he and his team think they could grow in the coming years.

Though it’s not quite on the same level, Curry has even dabbled in shows like Holey Moley on ABC. That may not have as big of a payoff as the company investments, but getting in front of the camera sure is a lot more fun.

Will Stephen Curry Be A Billionaire

As impressive as his net worth is to the normal person, he is far, far away from becoming a billionaire. Currently, his net worth is roughly $160 million. As much as that is, that’s the product of a few gigantic contracts and years of lucrative endorsement deals.

Taking that into account, it is highly unlikely that the sharp shooter will ever hit the billion dollar mark. Even if his worth kept going up at the same pace it has been over the last few years it would take decades upon decades for him to get there.

Becoming a billionaire is extremely difficult, even for some of the richest sports players of all time. In fact, Michael Jordan is the only basketball player to ever break that mark. 

Taking that into account, and understanding where Curry is at despite his success, it is extremely unlikely that he’ll ever have a net worth that high. He probably won’t even get that close.

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Final Words

It pays to be a pro basketball player. That goes double if you’re the best shooter of all time. Stephen Curry is one of the richest players in the game today. $160 million is a ton of money, and it goes to show how much investments can pay off.

Stephen Curry has built his brand in numerous ways, including media, endorsements, contracts, and numerous companies. It’s hard to track exactly where his money comes from, but his investments and large contracts show he knows what he’s doing from a business perspective.

As time goes on, that wealth will only grow.

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