A History of Stephen Curry Signature Shoes

Signature shoes are an important part of any NBA player’s career. Not only are they a way for athletes to expand themselves beyond the court, they also mark a switch from a normal player to a superstar. That’s especially true for players with something to prove.

This guide breaks down all of Stephen Curry’s signature shoes by analyzing how the models shifted over time. That coverage will show what the different sneakers bring to the table, what changes they’ve gone through, as well as what Curry values in a shoe.

The Deal

Today, Curry is one of the most famous and impressive basketball players on Earth. Not only did he turn the modern Warriors into a dynasty, but he’s widely regarded as the best shooter to ever play the game. In fact, his outside shots completely changed the NBA.

However, it took a while for the guard to get going. Though he showed flashes of greatness, no one knew his ceiling. That’s why it took him some time to get a shoe deal. He didn’t come into the league with one, and he didn’t get a signature shoe until halfway through his career.

The sharpshooter started his career by wearing Nike’s. However, after the brand failed to properly pitch him, he switched over to Under Armour in 2013. He agreed to be their full-time ambassador and showcase their shoes when he played.

It Starts With 1

Curry didn’t start out with his own shoe. Rather, he wore both the Clutchfit Drive and the Anatomix Spawn during his first two years with Under Armour. Those sneakers served him well, but they were simply placeholders until he could get his own brand going.

That came in 2015, when he debuted the Curry 1. It was a heavily padded sneaker with a thick sole, soft cushion, as well as a foam upper. The herringbone-style outsole had a lot of grip, and the clean color combo absolutely popped.

One of the model’s standout features was ample ankle support. Curry suffered a slew of ankle issues early on in his career, and he didn’t want that to be an issue for anyone who wore his brand. That’s why the 1 put such a big focus on stability.

A Different Look

Shortly after the success of the Curry 1, Under Armour began to work on the Curry 2. However, unlike the Curry 1, it was met with some criticism. That’s because, despite the special Charged Cushioning, it has a similar feel and style.

To overcome that, Under Armour tried to break the mold with the Curry 2.5 in April 2016. The model was a much bulkier shoe, but came with a ton of power, strength, and style that the previous two models lacked. It had a special grip and sole as well.

The Curry 3 and the Curry 3Zer0 both followed in the 2.5 footsteps in terms of power and look. They were both a bit more breathable, which helped with comfort, but they didn’t have a lot of new features either. It was at that time fans agreed the entire line needed something fresh.

Luckily, Under Armour answered. The Curry 4 completely changed the shoes. It had an incredibly unique high-top design, and a thicker midsole for better support. The cross-centric pattern created unmatched grip and the upper had plenty of breathability.

The 5 and Beyond

After the Curry 4, Under Armour released the 3Zero II into the Curry 5 (the line’s first low-top model). That led to the low cut 6 and mid cut 7. At that point, Under Armour shifted again by releasing the Curry 8 as the first shoe to come out under the Curry Brand.

The traction-heavy Curry 9, which was released at the end of 2021, also came out from that brand. It has an interesting spider-web look alongside brand new traction that eliminates the need for a true rubber outsole.

Such innovations mark a shift in how Curry plans to release his shoes and show that more such models will likely be on the way. 

Final Words

Curry started slow, but he exploded onto the scene and quickly became one of the biggest names in sports. The same is true of his shoe brand. While Under Armour wasn’t a serious player before his signing, it’s now a major brand with a lot of market value.

Only a few athletes have signature shoes, and even less manage to get an entire line. Curry is special enough to warrant both. There’s no telling what he has in store for his next shoe, but if history teaches us anything, it will be something fresh, breathable, and supportive.

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