What is Stephen Curry’s Wingspan?

There are several ways to evaluate NBA players. Height and weight are two of the most common, and they have been for decades.

However, in today’s NBA there are many teams who put a lot of importance on wingspan as well. That’s especially true for smaller guards.

Even so, Stephen Curry manages to be one of the best point guards in the NBA despite not having especially long arms.

Stephen Curry’s height is 6’2 (188 cm) and his wingspan is 6’4 (193cm).

This guide will look at his reach, analyze how it relates to his other dimensions, and show how it influences his overall game.

A Long Reach

In the NBA, it pays to have long arms. No matter how tall a player is, getting a few extra inches on their reach is a big help on both sides of the court. A longer wingspan is great for shooting, but it also does wonders for steals, blocks, and rebounds.

For that reason, arm-to-body ratio is important for all NBA players, and it’s especially key for both point guards and shooting guards. That’s because the further you get out of the key, the more longer arms help.

Almost all forwards and centers have an extended reach. As such, they cancel each other out when playing down low or around the rim. The same is not true for guards and wings. If a point has extremely long arms, they have a measurable advantage over their opponents.

Right in the Middle

That discrepancy is the reason so many smaller guards like Chris Paul and Victor Oladipo are able to match up against taller players. Their reach enables them to contest shots or score tricky baskets that most players wouldn’t be able to hit.

Curry is an interesting case because, unlike those two examples, he doesn’t have a long wingspan compared to his body. He stands 6’2 (188 cm) and his wingspan measures 6’4 (193cm). Two inches is a decent amount, but it’s not enough to give him a clear advantage over the 6’6 NBA average.

Even so, Curry continues to be one of the best point guards in the NBA. That’s because all great players adapt to their body. Where small guards with long arms grew up using that as an advantage, Curry didn’t. He had to adapt in other ways.

The Development

Almost all top point guards have wingspans that are much longer than their reach. That’s because it allows them to do more dribble moves, better control the ball, and shoot creative layups when trying to find ways to score in the paint.

Curry never needed an extremely long reach for two reasons. One, he’s not a great defender. While he does a decent job, and has gotten better over the years, it’s not a big part of his game. He’s more there to bother people rather than contest shots or steal passes.

The other reason Curry doesn’t need especially long arms is his great body control. He’s extremely crafty and super quick. That combination allows him to get into the key without needing to reach around defenders.

On top of that, he’s a pure shooter with a quick release. Though some guards rise up over their defender to shoot, he simply lets the ball go before they can even get into position. You don’t need super long arms for that.

Final Words

Few players have impacted the game of basketball as much as Stephen Curry. He’s a great shooter who’s done a lot for the NBA, but he’s not an athletic freak by any means. He’s actually quite undersized compared to other points guards, and that includes his wingspan.

His dimensions are well below league average. However, that’s not a downside. Rather, it just shows how incredibly talented he is and reveal how you don’t need to be larger than your opponent to be a great player.

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