Under Armour Curry 8 Review

This is my review of the Under Armour Curry 8 basketball shoe. In my opinion, the Curry 8 is a lightweight, low-profile sneaker that manages to pack an impressive amount of support and protection inside what is a truly well-cushioned model. 

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Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Under Armour, East Bay, Foot Locker
  • Best for: Guards. Players who need extra support or responsiveness for quick cuts.
  • Pros: Excellent ankle protection. UA flow cushioning technology. Lightweight, open design. Amazing grip. Flexible and stable.
  • Cons: Sizing isn’t accurate. Shoes tend to run a bit small. Lacks true impact protection. Not great for outdoor use.
  • Alternatives: Kyrie 7, Dame 7, Adidas Coll3ctiv3

Why Trust Me

I’m a long time basketball player with over twenty five years of experience playing the game. Those years on the court have led me to wear many different types and styles of shoes.

My own experience and knowledge of basketball sneakers, combined with additional extensive research, allowed me to properly cover the Curry 8s in extreme detail.

Detailed Review of Under Armour Curry 8

Ultimately, the Curry 8 is a well-rounded shoe that delivers protection, versatility, and support without getting in the way. It’s a streamlined shoe that puts a large emphasis on protection, but does so while remaining lightweight. That makes it useful for high-flyers who like to jump.

You aren’t going to find a lot of durability with the shoe, and the fit could be better, but the unparalleled traction and bi-direction fit make it an excellent option for guards of all types.


While the Curry 8 isn’t the most comfortable shoe money can buy, it does a good job at cushioning your feet as you play. Under Armour outfitted it with special UA Flow cushioning technology that cradles all key parts of your foot and feels great when you’re running around.

Another aspect of this is the flat knit upper, which provides excellent breathability. Where some lightweight options are much too stuffy for long games, the Curry 8 comes with high-end ventilation that will keep you cool even in the hottest of environments. 

That being said, it’s not all great. While you won’t have any lasting blisters or hot spots, the shoes lack true impact protection from hard falls. When you come down hard from a high-flying rebound or dunk you’re definitely going to feel it.


Traction is perhaps the biggest area where the Curry 8 excels. The shoe is outfitted with the UA Flow Cushioning technology on top of a unique outsole pattern. Both of those features work beautifully together, allowing you to start and stop no matter how fast you’re running.

That sticky grip will hold up on just about any surface, and stays strong even in dusty gyms. Triple threat players, as well as big men who put a lot of emphasis on proper footwork, will appreciate the Curry 8’s soles.


This is an extremely responsive shoe. This is another area where the UA Flow cushioning technology comes in handy. The shoe is light and bouncy. That helps you both run and jump, giving you a strong platform to work with.

Adding onto that performance is a surprising amount of mobility. The shoe has a more open design that supports lateral movement. That’s especially useful when you need to get low on defense or get over to set a quick screen.


Unfortunately, durability is one area where the Curry 8 comes up short. As far as lightweight sneakers go, it does a pretty good job of standing up to extra use. However, the construction and traction both wear down quickly when used outside.

This is a pure gym shoe, through and through. That won’t matter to certain players, but it’s a bit of a bummer that anyone who enjoys playing outside will need to look elsewhere.


As with the other shoes in the Curry line, the 8 works to protect your foot. It does that in two different ways: lockdown and fit. The bootie construction, combined with the high stretch collar, gives you ankle and heel support. That directly cuts down on injuries or painful rolls.

Backing that up is the flexible Pebax plate, which adds support and stability, as well as the bi-directional internal fit structure. The independent layers built directly into the construction create ample amounts of lockdown and lateral containment. Your foot won’t go anywhere.

What I Like

By far my favorite part of the Curry 8 is the traction. This shoe has an incredibly impressive grip thanks to the UA Flow cushioning technology backed up by the strong outsole. You’re able to truly stop and start in an instant with these on, making drives that much easier.

I’m also a big fan of the shoe’s support. I’ve had more than my share of ankle injuries in my life, and the extra material up around the ankle area helps reduce injuries during awkward landings.

The lockdown, which complements that protection, is impressive too. The bi-directional internal fit structure is fantastic. As long as you get the fit right, these shoes will hold your foot tightly in place in a way that actively cuts down on blisters and uncomfortable rubbing.

What I Dislike

If I have one big gripe with the Curry 8 it’s the impact protection. The shoes have a solid amount of cushion and their fit is nice. However, you’re definitely going to feel it when you come down hard. They seem more suited at giving you lift during runs than jumping.

They could also be more durable. They won’t fall apart right away, but the shoes are clearly only suited for indoor courts. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s a bummer they don’t have the construction to hold up outside if you want to shoot around on the blacktop or your driveway.

The Alternatives

The shoes in this section are great options for people who like what the Curry 8 offers but want something different.

1. Kyrie 7

The Kyrie 7 is similar to the Curry 8 in that it manages to give you support and power without being too heavy or bulky. It then adds to that with a surprising amount of durability thanks to the tough rubber sole and powerful, long-lasting construction. This shoe can take a beating.

Another bright spot of this model is the 360-degree traction pattern that allows you to stop and start on a dime. If you need a responsive, quick-cutting shoe, this fits the bill. It’s also extremely stylish, making it a great choice for more casual wear too. Read my detailed Kyrie 7 review to learn more.

2. Dame 7

Another excellent guard option, the Dame 7 is a lightweight shoe that’s responsive, springy, and feels great on all courts. Though the support isn’t as well-rounded as the Curry 8, it still delivers a lot of mobility thanks to the open design and sleek, low-profile construction.

It also comes with some of the best cushion and impact protection on the market. Like the Curry 8, it’s a purely indoor option. However, if you’re someone who spends their time playing or practicing in the gym it will provide you with a lighter, more comfortable shoe. Read my detailed Dame 7 review for more information.

3. Adidas Coll3ctiv3

If you’re looking for a shoe that has the same reliability and support as the Curry 8, but comes with extra durability, the Coll3ctiv3 is the way to go. This is an outdoor shoe that’s quick to break in, comfortable, and extremely flexible thanks to the pliable synthetic construction.

As with the 8, the Coll3ctiv3 is a stable shoe. It has a strong base that’s perfect for guards and big men, as well as an extremely strong construction that will last a long time. The cushioning is a bit lacking, but if you want reliability and mobility, it blends both quite well.


How Much Does the Curry 8 Weigh?

The Curry 8 is a lightweight sneaker, coming in at just over 12 ounces.

Is the Curry 8 Good for Outdoors?

The shoe is strong enough for indoor courts, but it’s not something you’d want to wear outside.

Can These Be Used by Big Men?

Yes. Any player, as long as they stick to their size, can wear and make use of the Curry 8.

Final Verdict

The Curry 8 is a lightweight shoe that puts a high emphasis on responsiveness. The more mobile design may not lend itself to durability or outdoor use, but they still offer a great blend of stability, support, and power. That’s mainly due to the powerful lockdown and powerful traction.

Such traits make the shoes perfect for guards who need to hit their cuts. If you’re someone who plays well in the open court or who makes their money on hard drives, they will give you what you need.

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