How to Watch NBA Games Online Free

The NBA regular season has 82 games per team. That’s a lot of tip-offs to keep track of, let alone watch. Although, there are some of us out there, that are diligent and loyal fans of our teams. While noble, not every fan has the means to catch every game.

Basically there are two different ways to watch NBA online, either you are going to live stream the game as it happens or find a stream of the game uploaded to the internet.

While this is not exactly piracy, it isn’t exactly right to the rules. So turn on incognito mode.

How to Stream Live NBA Games for Free?

If you’re out looking to stream a live NBA game for free you need to take on a certain kind of mentality and take some things into consideration. One is that you are delving into the realm of light piracy since you don’t have any data left on your computer and are not downloading anything, you’re safe legally. That being said, you should never, ever, ever-ever download any 3rd party tool or software to watch a live game.

Unless you got the tech hook-up to get you some sweet software. DO NOT believe any pop-ups or redirects that want you to download anything. You might find yourself in a bigger mess than you would expect.


As a small time pirate, looking for free content, your best resource is other pirates. Sadly the NBA pirate cove known as /r/nbastream has been ban hammered by Reddit. There is still light at the end of the tunnel though, as a discord has emerged and shall have all the answers in the future.

Till then I have linked some streaming sites I’ve had success with in the past. And once the information emerges from the interwebs you can guarantee we will have this article updated to help you in your live streaming needs.

Twitter @NBAstreamlinks (website/stream platform)

How it works

The nitty gritty of a live streaming goes something like this. If you are familiar with Twitch, you can skip this section.

A computer, or server, is acting as a host to whatever URL you are streaming from. The host site is uploading the event as it happens from some source on their end. Other users are attempting to come into the site and stream the same content to their devices. When the host server removes the stream/broadcast the content is gone for food. Some live streaming platforms will allow for play-back, but it is not standard.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a number of things can go into stream lag, such as: HD quality of stream; the amount of other views watching can overload the server; the distance of the server from yourself.

How to Watch replay of recent NBA Games for Free?

When it comes to recently aired games there comes some complications. Since the content is protected by the NBA and their media partners, you can’t really get full games through legit ways without paying a premium to the NBA. There are a couple of ways to get your NBA fix, until you get the means for the premium service.


When it comes to next day replays, finding highlights is much easier than finding full games. There are a number of youtube channels that upload game highlights and condensed games. I typically find this the easiest way to follow multiple teams in a single season.

Youtube Channels w/ Game Highlights:

Just go to the channel, search the game and date, then you can find most games from the last two seasons. Most highlights last between 8 to 10 minutes, the video gives you a good idea of what happened during the game without having to watch the whole affair. The reason you won’t see these highlights get past 10 minutes, is that at that point the NBA will get involved and the channel will get a strike on the video.


When finding full games, it gets a little bit more complicated, and honestly somewhat dangerous. These websites will have a lot of pop-up ads, and require you to be focused on closing the correct tabs.

I will provide a list of websites that I have had success with watching older games. Some servers and sites may be disabled or moved at any moment’s notice. You will also be fully responsible for anything that happens while taking one of the links of this article. In other words, anything that happens to your computer on this website is at your own risk, and we are liable for NADA.

Full Game Stream Site: NBA Full HD

How to Watch replay of older NBA Games for Free?

Like I’ve said before, the best way to find content is through a community, especially for FREE content. There is a public document that was made by a basketball community that has compiled links to youtube videos of olden and classic games. You can take the link here, and then watch through a sparse archive of classic NBA games.

This list contains over 400 clips of an era long ago. Throughout research, we have not been able to find a more complete resource for classic NBA games than the link provided.

Final Words

The 2019-2020 NBA season will be the first season for the regular season to return after the fall of the NBAstreams Reddit page. The community has found a new ship and are ready to provide the content to all the NBA content pirates on the internet. You can believe that once those resources to stream and watch the NBA gets disclosed, we will immediately update this article, for all our loyal readers.

If you have some websites that you’ve found success streaming from, we invite you to leave a comment. As we might add the link to our list and give you credits in the article.

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