Can You Wear Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

Volleyball is an exciting sport that, while popular and fun, isn’t set in stone. There are many ways to play it, and there are many different accessories to wear while doing so. Volleyball shoes are the usual footwear, but they are far from the only sneaker option on the market.

That’s why some volleyball players turn to basketball sneakers. The following guide will cover why that happens, the pros of wearing such options for volleyball, as well as any shortcomings they might have too. 

Lacing Up

Volleyball tends to be an indoor sport. Not only does that make it easy to play in all types of weather, it means there’s plenty of traction too. Unlike something like cross country or baseball, you don’t need a specific type of shoe. Just something that holds up inside.

As such, you can easily switch up your footwear. Though there are a few volleyball-specific options, basketball sneakers work great too. Many people might assume you can’t wear them on a volleyball court, but there’s no strict rule for what you can or cannot lace up.

The only rule is that you need to wear something that works well on indoor hardwood. Volleyball and basketball shoes both hit this criterion.

Pros and Cons

Basketball shoes may not be the perfect volleyball sneakers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of advantages within the game. There is a range of reasons players choose to rock footwear, especially in tougher or more competitive environments.

The biggest is that basketball shoes have incredible grip. Traction is incredibly important when trying to make a play in volleyball, and a stable base enables you to get to a spot or push off the floor for a good jump/block.

Beyond that, basketball shoes tend to hold a lot of value. While other shoes might provide good results for a short while, most basketball shoes are made with durability in mind. They are tough and, even when used a lot, will hold up better than most similar styles.

Comfort is a big factor too. Basketball shoes tend to be on the lighter side, and they also fit well and come with plenty of cushions. That combination creates a multi-purpose sneaker that protects all parts of the foot.

That being said, the shoes do have a few cons as well. The sneakers don’t hold up the best in colder conditions, which can be an issue in certain areas. On top of that, their upper foot support isn’t always the best. Some styles actively restrict ankle movement too.

Other Options

Note that, while you can absolutely use basketball shoes for volleyball, they aren’t the only option. Any lightweight, comfortable sneakers with a solid amount of traction will get the job done, as will slightly heavier options with a decent amount of ankle support.

Something like a good pair of tennis shoes might not be a great choice (they lack the support) but cross trainers or durable athletic options will serve you well during play. Comfort is something to always keep in mind, but you can’t sacrifice traction or power.

Volleyball shoes aren’t a terrible option either. The only issue with them is they tend to cause foot pain over long periods of time and lack proper support. That can lead to injuries if players aren’t careful.

Final Words

Though there are plenty of great volleyball shoes out there, basketball sneakers are a wonderful substitute. The market can get overwhelming at times but, as long as you go with a pair that holds up well on the court, they’ll do great for volleyball too.

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