What Shoes Does Luka Doncic Wear?

For every big time NBA star, shoes matter. Not only do they want the best possible shoes when playing in a game, but brand deals are one of the best markers for if someone’s made it. The footwear they lace up at game start are very, very telling.

Throughout the following sections I will look at the shoes that Luka Doncic wears. Studying what he puts on his fit will give insight into why he chooses to wear what he does, and provide some idea on shoes you might want to wear in your own life.

The Brand Deal

Though it might be surprising, Luke Doncic did not come into the league with a shoe deal. While many brands, especially Puma, started targeting draft picks in the past few years, he didn’t get a contract despite all of his buzz. It actually took over a year after he first got chosen.

His time to enter the sneaker game came on December 26th, 2019. It was at that point that he announced a decision to sign a multi-year (dollar amount undisclosed) with Jordan

That was quite a surprise, as only a few players have agreements with the brand when compared to other top choices like Adidas, Reebok, and Nike. Still, he decided on Jordan due to their legacy. He also felt like they gave him the best possible offer.

Doncic had worn a few different shoes during his first years in the league, but once he committed to Jordan he shifted to the Air Jordan 36. From there, he premiered one of their new shoes in April 2020 when he laced up the “Mindfulness” version of the Air Jordan 1.

What He Wore Early On

As Doncic started his career as a free agent, he donned a wide range of different shoes during his first two years in the league. 

Not only was he lighting it up on the scoreboard, he quickly became known for his flashy footwear as well. That helped him create his own unique style.

Throughout his rookie season the superstar wore just about everything you could imagine. That included Kyrie’s, PGs, Kobe’s, and Hyperdunks

In that way, he was definitely a big fan of Nike and their numerous lines. He stayed loyal to the brand for a long, long time.

In fact, he rocked the swoosh well before he reached the NBA. He used the Hyperdunk 2017 Lows while playing in the EuroLeague. That proclivity for the brand had many people thinking he would switch over to Nike when the time came, but it didn’t quite end up that way.

Doncic’s Jordans

Doncic wore a slew of different shoes when he first burst onto the scene. Once he signed his deal, that obviously shifted. Now he mainly wears Jordans in order to properly represent the brand and show off some of their newer models.

After showing off some of the unique Jordans, Luka moved to other models in 2021-2022. He rocked the Jordan 35 Low early in the season, and then began to lace up the Jordan Zoom Separate. Both shoes had a lot of traction and strong grip.

Those traits are important because the shoes perfectly complement Doncic’s quick stepback style. Players always want shoes that help their game, and the Jordans do exactly that for the Mavericks star. They grip the floor perfectly and allow anyone to stop and start on a dime.

The Future Shoes

The Jordan brand has landed a big fish in Doncic, and the shoes he wears have all looked pretty impressive. There’s even more to come, as the brand already has Mavericks-colored and Real Madrid shoes later this year.

The 2019-2020 season was a pivot point for Doncic in his career. The Mavericks made the playoffs for the first time since 2016. That’s also when he got a shoe deal and took the next step in his career.

He typically wears the best or new Jordan shoes, but he’s not afraid to mix up his favorite models every now and then. While he hasn’t had a shoe of his own, that’s going to change. 

The Jordan Luka 1 is confirmed to release in late 2022.

Final Words

Doncic is one of the most well known young players in the NBA. He’s done a great job of helping the Mavericks rise back to the top of the standings, and continues to put on a show each and every night. That’s why he only chooses the best possible Jordan shoes.

The young star once wore many different shoes, colors, and styles. Though he didn’t lose the flash, his focus is now on Jordan alone. He continues to rock their newest styles, and will surely wear his own line once it comes out.

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