3 Reasons Why Basketball is the Best Sport

Basketball is my favorite sport and if you’re reading this, chances are it is probably your favorite sport too.

Millions of people around the world either love to play or love to watch basketball and it is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Basketball fans can be found in almost every country and more people than ever are learning how to pass, dribble, and shoot.

The last few decades have seen basketball rise in popularity around the world and today it is probably only behind soccer (or football as you might call it) in how many people love to watch the game and enjoy playing it.

Even though it might not yet be quite as popular as soccer, I think basketball is the best sport for a variety of good reasons.

1. Basketball Can be Played by Anyone, Anywhere

One reason why basketball is the best sport is that anyone can play the game. From little kids to old folks and everyone in between, all you need is a basketball and a hoop to play.

You actually don’t even need a hoop if you don’t have access to one and can practice skills like dribbling and passing with just a ball.

Sure, the best players in the world may be really tall and athletic but the game can be played by people of any skill level.

Basketball is also great because there are courts in nearly every city and town across the world. If you take a five-minute walk in any direction from where you currently are, there is a very high chance you will find a basketball court.

Outdoor courts and hoops are numerous almost everywhere and indoor gyms usually have nice courts to play on. Basketball is very accessible to everyone, making it a sport that millions of people can enjoy.

2. Basketball is a Team Sport but Also Showcases Individual Talent

Another reason why basketball is the best sport is that it involves plenty of teamwork while also letting individual talent really shine.

If you watch a really good basketball team play, it is a beautiful sight. Players run and pass in synch with one another while utilizing screens and cuts to get off good shots and fool the defense.

Good team defense can shut down a hot offense and limit scoring on any level.

While basketball is ultimately a team sport, individual talent really comes into play. The best teams in the world usually have a star player who has the ability to carry the rest of the team on their back and influence the game to a high degree.

High-level individual talent on the basketball court makes the game very exciting to watch and is one of the reasons the game has gained so much success and popularity in recent years.

3. Basketball is Great Exercise for Anyone Who Plays

In my opinion, another reason that basketball is the best sport is that it is a great exercise for anyone who plays.

No matter if you are a really good player or are just learning the basics, all of the running, cutting, and jumping makes the game one of the best ways to exercise.

You can get into really good shape playing basketball and all of the aerobic activity that is needed to play can translate to other sports or activities you might enjoy.

Not only is basketball great exercise, it’s also a really fun way to stay healthy.

If you love basketball then playing the game is probably your favorite way to exercise.

I know plenty of people who don’t really like to exercise but love to play basketball. It’s a great way for anyone to enjoy some physical activity that is really good for your health while also being very enjoyable and fun.

Final Thoughts

Basketball is the best sport out there. All of the different sports are unique but basketball has a universal appeal that makes it fun and exciting to play and watch.

It is quickly growing into one of the most popular sports in the world and someday I think it will probably be the most popular. No matter what your ability is on the court, it is always fun to get out there and get a few shots up while getting great exercise with your friends.

While there is no exact way to declare what sport is the best sport, I think the reasons above are good enough to classify basketball as the best. The game is so simple to get started yet allows for so much creativity and athleticism as skill levels increase. It’s beautiful to watch and always a blast to play.

Why do you think basketball is the best sport?

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