Why Did Michael Jordan Wear an Earring?

Professional athletes are always at the cutting edge of society. They also tend to have a key place in the public eye. That’s why, in addition to their great physical feats and constant media presence, they tend to have a great fashion sense as well. 

That’s true of modern day athletes, and it was also true of Michael Jordan. The following sections go over the G.O.A.T.’s clothing choices by looking at the different parts of his style and breaking down why he chose to wear what he did.

Same, but Different

Fashion, NBA or otherwise, goes through large shifts over time. What’s popular in one decade will quickly fall out of fashion in the next. That’s important to note because it means that what a player chooses to wear will always have specific context 

In the 80’s and 90’s, players wore a mix of casual and more professional looks. Some chose to wear baggy or oversized clothes, while others went with suits and ties. While Jordan could have just gone with what everyone else wore, he broke away from the pack.

Rather than go with traditional suits or a cleaner look, the hall of famer chose to stand out. He rocked baggy jeans, an oversized t-shirt, and, perhaps the most peculiar of the bunch, a single hoop earring.

His Personal Twist

It might seem odd that, despite all of his choices, Jordan chose to wear an earring. However, jewelry was always a big part of his look. He started off with gold chains in the 80’s, which was a big part of street culture and showed off his star status.

The only issue was that they weren’t particularly unique. While Jordan could have kept rocking the chains without anyone blinking an eye, he was never one to follow the trend. That’s why he decided to switch to a Congo hoop earring. It was something that stood out from other players. 

That look carried him through his rise in the 90’s, and became almost synonymous with his carefully curated image. It was such an important part of his brand that it was the only thing he kept when he ditched the oversized outfit for a cleaner look in the mid 90’s.

At that time, trying to fully distance from his old self, Jordan switched up the more casual look for a gray suit, collarless buttoned shirt, and black shoes. Even so, he kept the earring. 

That was a big nod to his personal choices and showed he still had some flash left.

Other Looks

In the 80’s NBA players wore clothes that were a lot like Jordan’s early looks. Then, they became more and more subdued over time. Now, flash and style have completely taken over again with many modern athletes.

Today’s players aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of fashion, with plenty of people wearing bright colors or unique styles. Even so, almost no one rocks Jordan’s single earring. 

Jimmy Butler has dabbled with it, but most still see it as Jordan’s accessory. That shows his star power, his prestige, and how much of an effect he had on basketball as a whole.

Final Words

Jordan is still one of the most iconic players in NBA history. He’s also one of the most famous athletes of all time. His earring was a key part of that look, and it’s something many fans remember him by. 

He was known for his on-court feats much more than his off-court ones, but he always looked to push boundaries whenever and wherever he could.

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