Why is Russell Westbrook Called Brodie?

Nicknames are one of the most unique aspects of professional sports. Not only are they a fun addition that adds more dimensions to many famous players, but they are also a key part of the game itself. That’s especially true in the NBA, which has a history of big nicknames. 

Where most nicknames have been straightforward throughout the league’s history, there are some that are a bit more obscure. This guide will study one such example by looking at Russell Westbrook and the various monikers he goes by.

The Importance of Names

Nicknames aren’t just cool, they tend to mark a key step for any athlete. That’s because it’s usually only bigger or more well-known players who get them. Most role or bench players who don’t see a lot of game time never get to that level.

While there are some extremely high-profile athletes (such as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson) who don’t have easily recognizable nicknames, more often than not superstars or all stars have one moniker or another.

Going off of that, there are several types of nicknames across the league. Players either use a variation of their own name (such as Kevin Durant going by K-D), they go by just their first name (like Kobe) or they adopt a random nickname (such as Spyder or Magic) based on their game.

In addition, athletes can get a nickname in one of two ways. They can earn it organically through their fans, or they can make it up themselves. Where most nicknames are earned, there’s nothing wrong with a player giving themselves a name. That’s what Wesbrook did.

Obscure Reasoning

Westbrook has long been one of the top players in the NBA. As such, he’s collected more than a few nicknames over the years. He goes by Little Fury, Westbeast, Bestbrook, and Beastbrook. He also has a Chinese nickname that roughly translates to “dominating dude.”

All of those nicknames are pretty self-explanatory. However, the guard also goes by Brodie. That nickname is a bit more nebulous, especially due to how close Westbrook keeps his personal life to his chest. He doesn’t speak about the name, nor has he hinted at its meaning.

Nonetheless, there are a few theories behind why he adopted the title, and they all revolve around the same basic principle.

A Family Name

Nobody, besides Westbrook himself, knows why he goes by Brodie. Even so, fans do know it’s something he calls himself and his brother. It’s his dog’s name as well. That shows how key the moniker is for Westbrook, and reveals that it’s more of a casual term within his own life.

Looking at that, many people believe that Brodie comes from Los Angeles slang for “bro” or “dude.” Westbrook would have used that terminology a lot growing up, so it would make sense that he would continue to use it for the people (or animals) close to him in his life.

He’s also been seen calling his friends Brodie on social media. That furthers the above theory. Some also believe the media started calling him Brodie because they saw him use the name online. Either way, the term clearly stems from his internet usage and social media.

Final Words

Brodie is one of the more obscure nicknames in the NBA. Still, knowing how much Westbrook loves his friends and family, it makes sense it would be a term of affection. Nobody has any idea if that’s right or not, but it clearly means a lot to the guard. In the end, that’s all that matters.

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